Belziat & the 3 Saints

A Grand Recap of The Story Thus Far

Since it’s been awhile here a short recap of our campaign’s entire story so far, in case you’ve missed that aspect while playing:

The story begins in Crynov, a great and isolated continent made of up of 3 countries each ruled by a great and powerful king. Two different groups of fresh out of military academy cadets are sent to the mountains bordering Grond and Covost to clear up some bandits and rescue two different nobles they had apparently captured. The group from Covost consisted of Jamison Wallace, Alvin, Aravir Sorendil, Falcor Midon, and Gerry while the other group from Grond consisted of Seight Blizzaga, Belial, and Foostus.

Both parties eventually meet, and after much trouble discover that the stronghold contained neither bandits nor the Nobles they were sent to save. There is however, an abundance of demon worshiping kobolds and danger. Some of which kill poor Gerry. The party finds out from a man named Gustav that they all were supposed to share his fate. They were sent on a suicide mission by the Kings. Before dying he suggests they head to Belghast to find “The Bleeding Eye”, a secret organization that could shelter them.

Once in Belghast the party dicks about, kinda looking for the Bleeding Eye but finding nothing. Seight makes friends with a tremendously old man, Crazy Jim, who is the only one to even recognize the symbol. The next morning everyone is either kidnapped or finds their way to the Bleeding Eye’s base. Everyone passes their respective Trials (some with more ease than others) and each one becomes a member of the The Bleeding Eye .

They train and learn much for three weeks. They learn the Bleeding Eye is a secret organization dating back to the Second Age, after a civil between the now Kings ancestors, and the Commune, a group who opposed the Monarchy, ravaged Crynov. They were setup to monitor the three Kings to make sure they never abused their power. If this should happen the Commune would be relieved from its exile in Shin Sekai. For detail see: War of Ideals

The party is sent on a rescue mission to save a Bleeding Eye member from another branch from a little farming village called Phira. On the way they are assaulted by “wheat demons”, cultists and eventually a giant flesh monster, as they find the town overrun. The town’s portly mayor, the venerable Todd Johnson, offers the party a reward to save his town. They also meet traveling pacifist priest and boy-toucher, Greg Ganitari, who joins them to save the town. They clear out the cultists and rescue the Bleeding Eye member, Argus.

Upon return to Belghast, Greg passes his trial and is initiated into the guild. It is then decided that Falcor is unstable and needs to taken out. A massive debt ensues about how to do this. Alvin heroically tries to end the debate by taking Falcor in the woods alone to deal with him. After a few hours Alvin’s disappearance is noticed and Aravir, Belial and Seight search for him. Aravir dispatches Falcor near immediately and the matter is resolved. Meanwhile, Jamison is “porning out” with their leader, Zaalbag.

The party is sent on a recon mission to find out who is moving through the town of Rhinefast to Covost’s capital, Agreia. Before departing Alvin purchases a camel, who he names Teluga Tolos. After trying several different plans, the finally stealth bum-rush the barracks with the help of Jamison’s brother Merrick. They defeat and interrogate Spandme, one of the king’s officials who tells them that the Three Kings are all meeting in secret in Agreia soon. Knowing they are no match for even a single of the three Kings they rush back to warn the Eye, wondering what this meeting could mean.

Upon their return to Belghast the town is in a state of martial law and none of the Bleeding Eye’s members are anywhere to be found. Worse they’ve all become wanted men and must avoid drawing too much attention to themselves. Zaalbag finds the party and tells them that they need to assassinate the 4 commanders of the occupying forces before the Bleeding can make its escape the next day. The party scrambles and takes out 3 of the 4. Jamison beats down Melisa Chin and Greg, pretending to be a medic for the tournament poisons her to finish the job. Crazy Jim, some may say, Seight’s only friend ends up a casualty of this plan. The party loots the Bleeding Eye’s hideout in preparation for the next day.

The party holds off waves of soldiers, luring them into the hideout before it is collapsed and flooded by the river. They swim through the river and mount horses to swiftly flee the city, a daring escape that nearly causes Seight to drown. On horse back, they are pursued and attacked by Captain Commander Grimmfyre, who slays Jamison Jr. with a meteor. The party defeat him and proceed to Agreia.

Once in Agreia, the go about rooting out whoever betrayed their hideout. The party decides it was Argus and kill him during the unveiling of their new hideout in the capitol. They are then sent to retrieve an artifact known as the Log, required to sail to Shin Sekai. This is so that if they find the Kings are abusing their power at the meeting they can sail to Shin Sekai and summon the commune.

The party passes several trials put together by The Sage of the Tower, an ageless wizard who records Crynov’s history and keeps many of its treasures. They are eventually joined by his apprentice Erza, a bright young Eladrin wizard, who is sent to help them deal with some intruders. At the top of the lighthouse, the party encounters two strange men with piercing gold eyes and strange mutations who are looking for the same thing they are. They defeat them and retrieve two cards with strange symbols on them, off of their assailants bodies.

The party returns to the capitol, and sneaks into the meeting. Looking down on a meeting of some of the most powerful people in Crynov. The party overhears that the King’s plan to start war so that they may thin out the noble population and silence the talk of dissent against the Kings currently prevalent across the land, the likes of which, hadn’t been seen since days of The Commune and The War of Ideals. Seight notices his brother Vesayo is one of Piro Sangfroid, Myren’s king’s guards. Worse, Vesayo notices him. Both halves of the party find themselves pursued. The half with Erza, Foostus, Aravir, Belial escape their minotaur pursuer, with a bit of finesse and quick thinking on the part of Erza. The other group finds themselves assailed by Vesayo, Seight’s brother who isolates Seight and wrecks his shit while the others try and break through to help. In the end, they are saved by Zaalbag who is dueling Vesayo as the party runs out and more of the Kings’ guards run in.

The party escapes to the port of Ao Kaigan, only to receive the grim news from Weber that Zaalbag and Mora were slain buy them time. Zaalbags body had been pinned to the castle walls by a giant icicle by Vesayo himself. The find themselves pursued again and rush through the docks to begin their voyage to Shin Sekai to warn the Commune of the Kings’ plan. A thin figure passes them on the docks and whispers something to Alvin. It isn’t till they’re sailing away that history buff Alvin realizes he’d seen that man’s picture somewhere. That could’ve been Rimuto Ravenhart, the Commune’s original leader, who would now be about 550 years old. The party sails away into the sunset.

…And into imminent starvation because of their ineptitude at sailing ships. They are on the brink of starvation when Alvin sacrifices his beloved Teluga Tolos, who in some fights got more of Alvins heals than the party did, to fed the party. Refreshed by camel meat, the party sails on to Shin Sekai, where they are assaulted by pirates and then a kraken.

Upon landing in the port of Russet, Jamison makes friends with a dockworker, Micke Bilgewater. The party finds that Shin Sekai is by all accounts, kind of a shithole, plagued by period attacks, known as Onslaughts, by demons or creatures from the Shadowfell. The place is also deprived of any influence from the Feywilds, so elves, eladrin, gnomes, and creatures of the like are a rare sight. And worst off no one has even heard of the Commune.

The party (fucking Greg) also has a run-in with The Organization, a secretive group that uses some kind of super soldiers, known colloquially as Crown Hunters to defend the towns from the Onslaughts, for a price. Some of said super soldiers are incredibly suspicious of strangers, and rough up Greg. The party helps defend the town from the Onslaught along with these Crown Hunters.

The party wakes the next morning, to some bad news, courtesy of Jamison’s new friend Micke. The Crown Hunters are moving to capture and interrogate them. Micke admits he’s more than he let on, speaking of some underground syndicate that tries to find information on The Organization. He tells the party that if their going to find out about this Commune anywhere it’d be at Oasis. He all they need to do to find their way there is stop in Westford and help his friend Hawkins with a plot.

In a panicked attempt to make a clean getaway, the party burns down some stables and make a mad dash for it. Instead they are met by three powerful Crown Hunters, who the defeat before fleeing the city.

Arriving in Westford the party attempts to find this “Hawkins” only to find there are three men named Hawkins in Westford. Eventually however, they discover the Hawkins they are after. He is the captain of the guard in Westford and a member of the Syndicate. As such he knows more about the Organization than the party had been able to discern up to this point.

As for the mission he needed help with, he plans to kidnap one of the Organization’s Operators, the members who give the Crown Hunters their missions and the ones who collect the Organizations debts and actually deal with the towns in Shin Sekai. For this he’ll need the party’s help.

In the mean time the party is to pose as foreign mercenaries brought in to train the guard. And after a hard day of training the party is head for the bar with their new friend Jack Hawkins and the city’s guards, fully prepared to enact Hawkins dangerous plot on the morrow…



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