Belziat & the 3 Saints

ALE Crashes The Meeting, The Plot Thickens

"Looks Like this Meeting's Been, Canceled"

Everyone is stoked about getting another action point!!

Looking at the door that leads to the town hall, ALE, begins once again to think way to much. (N20) Aravir stealth opens the door so hard that the door disappears, without a sound. Looking down the hallway he sees a few doors and a dwarf and an eladrin heading down the hallway. Jamison isn’t the stealthiest “chap”. Aravir, fearful of Tarasque, hesitates to open anything. Aravir hears papers shuffling in the first room he checks. The team urges him stealth open a door. (26) The second room contained beds and a couch. Shortly after a fuck ton (7) people came from the first room that was checked. a dragonborn runs to the door that ALE is hiding by, and fire breaths the team, followed by a swing at Greg (1) flailing like a boss. Greg lays down because it looked comfy. Same follows with Seight, Foostus and Aravir. coming out of the room are 3 people wearing Blue robes with hoods up. One of which blows a lightning blast hitting a lot and dazing the party. The other 2 launch magic missiles at Aravir, because they are so cool.

Encounter begins:
Dragon born hits Alvin. Foostus is so not longer dazed. Lightning boy does lightning stuff and hits Seight. Aravar is getting missiled a lot. Aravir teleporting back to the room, fires at the Dragonborn. Greg shines his light on the bloodied people and heals them GOOD! Seight breaths and hits everyone but one of the halberd soldiers. Then takes defensive stance. Alvin moves back and so does Jamison, followed by a spinning sweep that misses like a ballerina. Dragonborn swinging at Belial hits. Foostus pressing strikes the dragonborn blooding him. Hooded people fire thunder hitting all including the dragonborn.
Belial missed again. The 4 halberds swing at Seight, all miss, because Seight is awesome and stuff. Greg staying on the ground, debuffs the dragonborn. Seights hits people. Alivin paints the bullseye, NOT! Action points and tries again, hitting. Dragonborn is now dazed, prone, not loving life right now. Jamison says, “I’m gonna hit him”. Cleaving the drgaonborns head off. Aravir misses. Foostus hits 2 for damage blooding them. Lightning boys do stuff hitting people hitting Seight.
Belial, SUCKED. The enemy swings at Seight and Foostus. Criting, Aravir puts out the soldier’s left eye. Seight drops his axe at the feet of the man in front of him. Foostus kills one and then hits another. Taking Jamison’s hit, the soldier is so scared like a champion, but still standing. Running into the fight, Foostus chopping at some clothies. " Fucking vagina lips." -Foostus. Belial hits someone a little. Arrow to the eye boy, once again takes a second crate to his remaining eye, and drops dead. Alvin yells “NEGRO” as Belial feels a lot better about life. . . .. . .Matt gets so sick of doing a detailed fight to the point were he just types this sentence: "the fight went on a few turns, Doomhawk rolls 3’s like they are old friends that havent seen each other in awhile, people were hit, people died, looting didn’t happen do to the press for time. " kills and Greg vomits. [Twitch is amazed Matt kept up a detailed fight that long.]

After encounter:
LOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finding a Crystal mail giving it to Jamison. Aravir hears a man sleeping, and locks the door stealthing to the door he cant hear anything, a spell known as Buorks Warded room, is magically sealing the door, and block all sound in or out. Alvin (20) stealth, followed by a (1) everything falls out of his bag. Alvin Tries to break the magical barrier, breaking the seal, Jamison and Foostus Kicks open a door open and two dwarves, two halflings, an eladrin archer and a human are standing there.

Greg- “Wait, so should I hide from the sight of this guy? Because I have a meeting with him tomorrow.”

Encounter begins:
Dwarf hits Jamison not doing to much damage. pissed about the hitting of him, Jamison takes a cool stance, drinks, and then hits like a cold truck!! Spandame makes his team do the hustle and they move about. Aravir shoots some people. Their archer ….. this fight sucks to write. I hate it. Jamison gets downed, his last word " PUSSIES". Seight punched the archer in the face for max damage breaking his nose. The encounter sucked for us, we won.

After Encounter:
Spandame wakes up after a healing check. Greg being good cop talks, talks to him, Jamison being bad cop, makes him piss himself. He tells of the King of Myren and Queen of Grond are passing through. He gives us lots of info. (They are bound for a meeting with Covost’s king in Agreia. They will pass through Rhinefast in 4 days, and be at Agreia, Covost’s capitol for a meeting in about 8 days. They are each traveling with 2-3 of their countries strongest soldiers and traveling incognito.) they have 2 or 3 of the best soldiers in the country with them. Seight asks about a dragonborn named Raidbeck and Spandame tells him that is the name of one of the guards with the King of Myren. Seight gets very quiet.

ALE looted the fuck out of the room, getting a lot of shit. and heard guards coming up the stairs, they run back to the jail, run into the back room and leave through roped zip-line.

After days of travel they reach the outskirts of town and they notice the usual town guards have been replaced by strange soldiers.

Bonus XP

Alvin – Breaking the magical barrier on the door -50xp, being the sensible one in the “We should totally ambush the King & Queen discussing” -50xp. [100xp total]

Aravir – Being the stealthy one -50xp, Thinking to lock the door -25xp, Having a moment with Irtha over his cute purple cloak -25xp. [100xp total]

Foostus – FSUing in combat (finally using thunder hooves rage, etc.) -50xp, Aggressively looting -25xp. [75xp total]

Greg – Being a conflicted pacifist (two crit Sacred Flames against dying targets) -25xp, “So I have a meeting with this guy tomorrow…” -100xp. Additionally I forgot to give you 50xp for finishing the adventure log well last time 50xp. [175xp total]

Jamison – Dishing out insults in the boss battle 25xp, Being in-character about wanting to kill Spandame -50xp, “Looks like the meeting’s been canceled” -50xp. [125xp total]

Seight – Adventure log -100xp, An adventure log is a sprint not a marathon (inb4 “I sprint marathons”) negative [-25xp], Asking about Vesayo, being disturbed by what you found out -50xp, having the idea to cover the unconscious enemies in alcohol -25xp. [150xp total]



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