Belziat & the 3 Saints

Begining The Rescue

I think this rescue mission may need a rescue mission

Falcor remains behind for a day to pay off his dues, as work related stress engenders the breaking of several saws.

The party is sent to rescue, Algus, another Bleeding-Eye member from a different branch. He was sold out to Belziat death-cultists, who had been sight near Phira, a small farming village north of the Great Forest.

The group arrives in near their location and finds their path blocked by a flaming wagon. Foostus checks the surrounding wheat-field for any signs of anything relevant to their situation and finds nothing of note.

After some deliberation, the group decides to ask our dragon-born friend to ice breath the wagon so that they may pass through.

After passing the wagon the group is engaged by surprise, by, as Jamison puts it, “wheat-fiends”. Foostus and Alvin are both stuck and slowed by the preemptive strike.

The party’s new foes act swiftly, swarming Sleight while, Foostus and Aravir take successful swings and shots at their new foes.

Sleight finally has his chance to attack, and hacks and hews his way through a few creatures with variable results. All the while having various foes clawing at him.

Belial delivers a force punch that sends two nearby creatures hurtling into the wheatfield.

Jamison, comes through with a cleave, while Alvin calls for Sleight to strike at a nearby fiend.

The creatures bound about, making fools of our heros, and retaliate in force.

Foostus and Aravir’s attacks both go wide while several creatures strike back in retaliation.

Jamison, our effective drunk, delivers a crushing blow after taking a swig from his personal flask and sobers up immediately afterwards. But not before being taking a heavy pummeling, but not only from the creatures…

Foostus’ whirling rend nearly murders an already wounded Jamison, but Belial manages quickly tug him out of the path of impending death.

Belial notices that one of the creatures he threw into the wheatfield has emerged, and delivers unto it a brutal kinetic trawl, pulling it into one of its allies, knocking it to the ground.

Foostus find himself the unlucky focus of several creatures ire, and is nearly slaughtered. Foostus recovers, and attempts to harness his rage, only to discover a new meaning of failure.

Aravir, too close to the creatures for comfort, retreats back to the top of the wagon and delivers a kill-shot.

Sleight nonchalantly delivers a swift killing blow, while Belial Force-Hammers another to near-death.

Alvin, delivers a full-power furious smash to a creature.

Foostus is finally struck down, and even in his defeated state, cannot find purchase with his axe on his way to the ground.

Various party members deliver non-lethal damage while the remaining foes scamper about.

Jamison, still wounded, is soundly taken down by a nearby creature.

After some minor stumbling about, the party clears out their remaining adversaries, and picks up their wounded comrades.

We learn that our foes are actually known as Witherlings. Undead beings ritually bound to their atrophied and gaunt carcasses by the souls of demons. They originate from a ritual affiliated with the deity Yeenoghu

The party briefly ambles about, and moves to enter town.

The town, doesn’t looks great.
most buildings are ensconced in flames
various dead bodies litter the streets
to Jamison’s dismay; there is no tavern.
The only building not on fire- the church.

Aravir checks a body to check for cause of death and finds nothing, save for a horrified expression.

Alvin suggests the party take a change of pace and ambush who – or whatever is in the church.

Belial and Sleight inform the party of a large Witherling standing at the entrance of the church and slink away before they are seen.

Alvin clambers onto of Sleights shoulders to take a look over a building
however, he cant make out much.

before the party can create a solid plan they see and hear an incoming pack of Witherlings.

Alvin turns around and leaps into a bale of hay, while the rest of the party back-peddles and reposition and steel themselves for the impending battle near the towns entrance.

The party holds position, save for Jamison who sees fit to go fondle a dead man’s corpse.

Belial catches a withering away from the pack, and yanks it off of a roof and into the middle of a pack of the party’s waiting weaponry.

Alvin pokes his head out of the hay bale to deliver an inspiring “ayyyyyy!” to Foostus, who delivers a hearty strike to the party’s focused withering.

The Witherling recovers and clambers to the top of a nearby roof, all while getting smacked around by nearby party members before it can escape.
As it reaches the rooftop, Aravir looses a kill-shot into the withering before it can scamper any further away.

The party pulls closer together and receives aural assailment from a displeased withering, damaging party members and breaking their formation.

Several witherlings reveal themselves and set themselves to strike.

Jamison charges up to one, rushes him down and the party decides that it’s time to go on the offensive.

Foostus savagely presses into a nearby withering and knocks it back.

Aravir doubles up his bow, and lets loose with a successful twin strike.

The shrieking witherling lets loose with another scream, knocking a few party members back.

Jamison dodges two attacks and chugs the remainder of his flask to prepare for the coming carnage; allowing the drink to dull his nerves.

Belial pulls Jamison back, and lets loose with an immense kinetic binding on the witherlings.

Foostus takes his tests his whirling frenzy against the reflexes of his foes, and prevails; delivering three separate savage blows.

Alvin, casually meanders out of the hay and his legendary swagger emanates to Foostus and bolsters his resolve.

Aravir teleports to a nearby roof and Splits the Tree on two witherlings.

A withering lets out a blood curdling death shriek, tearing at the souls of party members and downing Jamison. That same aural energy, which appears to be necrotic origin, also appears to heal the nearby witherlings.

Foostus tries to take advantage of Alvin’s inspiration, but his strike can’t find his target.

Alvin renders aid to Jamison, as well as himself. Jamison utilizes his Bracers of Respite and finds his bearings.

Aravir takes out a bloodied withering from his rooftop perch, and trades blows with a passing enemy.

Jamison sobers up and prepares to “do work”.

Belial misses a trawl on the rooftop withering and Foostus smacks a few enemies around, leaving them both bloodied.

Alvin smashes a nearby enemy and grants yet another swagger-bonus to Foostus

Aravir draws his longsword and whiffs on his rooftop foe, who then reciprocates by lashing out twice, leaving him bow-less and bloodied.

Jamison smokes a nearby enemy and sobers up a bit more.

Foostus murders a witherling and Alvin heals Aravir, who takes another stab at the witherling, but misses.

The Witherling leaps away and dodges two passing strikes, but catches a death-blow from a mostly sober Jamison.

Alvin – “I’m using re-active stealth damnit!” -25xp, Good idea with the church (even if it never got put to use) -50xp, cheerleading from a hay bail -25xp. [100xp total]

Aravir – Good Adventure log -75xp, Making a conscious effort to take the highground -25xp. [100xp total]

Belial – Generally FSUing in combat (knocking a the witherling into the wheat, pull them off roofs/into each other) 100xp, Pulling Jamison out of harms way 2 clutch times -75xp. [175xp total]

Foostus – Had some pretty tough luck -50xp. [50xp total]

Jamison – Wielding your alcoholism as a brutal weapon in combat -50xp, truing to caving the roof (albeit, failing) -25xp. [75xp total]

Seight – Being a tank in combat -50xp, being Belial’s wise & loving combat advisor -75xp. [125 xp]



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