Belziat & the 3 Saints

The Bleeding Eye

"Ladies, I just made a wise investment!"

The group finally figures out that the two sides of the table are a LITERAL balance and they put seven plates on the side with a chair missing to balance it all out.

The following room is a large temple; there are lots of little kobolds praying. The big black necromancer stabs Gerry and attempts to stab this other guy but Gerry saves his ass. Then the group moves in to attack- they move and attack fairly successfully, taking out minions. But they listen to doc’s advice- the necromancer can raise the dead, so killing minions doesn’t do much good. The minions fall swiftly, but they bunch up and make it hard for the group to get to the necromancer. Also, the necromancer repeatedly gets the blood of the minions boiling and makes them move closer to the allies, swamping them. Everyone comes through in the clutch, with Foostis and Seight just totally fucking minions up. The cycle continues, with lots of rebirth. Jamison wastes a LOT of time on a few unsuccessful cleaves- he claims he’s too sober. Foostis and Seight move in to get at the necromancer. After a few rounds (and a CLUTCH trawl from Belial), the necromancer goes down. Unfortunately, they left Alvin to deal with all the minions- he gets a little freaked out and blows all of his moves killing one single minion.

After the battle, the group finds a man that went by the name of Gustav. He was a member of a group called the Bleeding Eye that claims both groups of recruits were sent by their respective nations to this cavern to die- it’s the classic recruit trap to get them weeded out. He suggests going to Belghast to find more info about the Bleeding Eye. Also, Belial gets a set of robes and Aravir gets a new longsword. Also, the group spends over an hour staring at the big black kobold’s robes, leaving only when the cave begins to collapse. On their way out of the mountains, they notices Ird, the small mountain village the original party from Covost past and the way to the Ironfist Stronghold, was completely massacred.

They go to Belghast; Jamison begins drinking at the Xroads tavern, Foostis goes swimming in the river, Alvin goes to sell his history book, and Belial looks for more information. Belial finds out he’s going to look for a guy named Crazy Jim- everyone ends up together at the bar at which Crazy Jim resides. When they talk to Crazy Jim, they find out he’s been alive since the second age. Seight shows him the picture of the bleeding eye and Jim yells at him to put it away- people have died over that symbol, says those people pissed off the kings.

The barkeep singles out Jamison and asks him to try out his new brew- he says it will raise his spirits. Jamison tries it and LOVES it- he decides to invest because the barkeep says he’ll make it in his name. Jamison sees the prototype and CAN’T resist. The barkeep says that the prototype BOTTOMLESS FLASK will be ready in 3 days. He gets to test it for 2 weeks and then comes back to report on it before he serves it to the customers. He then tries to find a brothel- as he’s walking out, the innkeeper lets him know that all bars are brothels. He does a 180 to come back in when Seight says to him -“Jamison, if I were you I might look into going to a brothel NOT called The Lumberjack.” Jamison nods and asks the bartender, “are you gay?” to which he responds “I ain’t gay.” He asks what his favorite brothel/inn is (The Traveler’s Rest) and thanks him and goes there. When he arrives, he yells out “Ladies, I’ve just made a wise investment! I am the famous Jamison Wallace! I can pay you back twofold in two weeks!”

Foostis and Falcor wander into the sawmill, despite Falcor being HALF PLANT. Foostis is embarrassed and tries to get Falcor out, but he keeps badgering the man to show them around. He does and offers to employ them for the next few days.

Jamison goes to the brothel and finds out he’s too poor for a woman… but tries to badger Aravir to lend him money to get both of them laid. He relents for Jamison, but decides not to.

Belial decides to be cheap and sleep in the woods tonight, while Seight sleeps at The Lumberjack.

No one has seen Alvin all day.


Belial awakens to find himself captured by a man who states he knows too much about The Bleeding Eye, and will either have to pass the trials becoming a member or die.

Foostis and Falcor go to work, but Foostis gets real nervous when Falcor doesn’t come back from his second half of his day at work. Falcor got abducted by Weber still who was still dragging an unconscious Belial back to the hideout.

Jamison wakes up next to a clothed dwarf… and proceeds to freak out.

Aravir walks out of the inn and proceeds to see Jamison tackled out of a window by the female dwarf. he jumps into the river they popped into and tries to swim after them. Seight hears the commotion and also follows. He follows them down the river until he dives down and sees an open slot- he finds Seight and suggests they check it out.

It turns out that all members of the party have been taken into the holding chambers of the Bleeding Eye. They proceed through the trials to check if they can join.

Alvin consoles an old woman to pass the trial of compassion.

Belial tries the trial of hidden knowledge by going against an ethereal judge, but crit fails his knowledge checks.

Falcor narrowly escapes the Tarrasque in the trial of flight.

Belial fails the trial of hidden knowledge a second time.

Jamison managed to carry the world on his shoulders through the trial of atlas.

Aravir sneaks around the trial of discretion and meets with a world leader and gets a lucky diplomacy roll to save the world.

Foostis RUNS (literally, RUNS) through the trial of flight. When he gets out, he turns to Falcor and says “Get on my level!”

Seight attempts the trial of Atlas and stumbles and places the earth miraculously on the pedestal at the end of the trial.

Belial miraculously pulls a ton of knowledge out of his ass and passes the trial of hidden knowledge.

The party is then introduced to the Bleeding Eye’s shit and it’s a cool place.

Zalbaag tells the party of the Bleeding Eye’s history, and the party trains in the hideout for 3 weeks…

Bonus XP

Alvin – Popping everything for 1 minion -25xp, Being the first to find the Bleeding Eye 50xp, Adventure logskis -50xp. [125xp total]

Belial – Finally making it for once -25xp, Good ideas during the puzzle -50xp, FSUing during the boss fight -25xp, Discovering Crazy Jim -50xp [150xp total]

Jamison – Motioning to immediately drink once in town -25xp, Jamison’s patented night of debauchery -100xp, “Oh shit why’s there a dwarf in my bed” -25xp. [150xp total]

Falcor – Demanding a tour of the sawmill -25xp, Being a half-plant working at a sawmill, -priceless, er -75xp. [100xp total]

Foostus – FSUing during the boss fight -25xp, Having a swim in the river -25xp, Sprinting through the trial of flight -25xp. [75xp total]

Seight – Interrogating Crazy Jim -50xp, Saving Jamison from getting a wench at a bar named “The Lumberjack” -50xp. [100xp total]



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