Belziat & the 3 Saints

Flight from Belghast

"You're really over-usisng the phrase 'shitstorm' today..."

The encounter in the Bleeding Eye begins as Mo’kar and some bros strut on in through the entrance. It begins as a standoff until Aravir fires a pair of shots at two heavily armored humans, hitting one of them. After that the gnomes moved up and gusted a few people out into the hallway and kept a cyclone spinning inside the corridor. The other gnome knocks Seight into the ceiling with a blast of air. The humans move up and hit, the double sword elf (rogue) hits Aravir, and Mo’kar commands them to tighten formation. Jamison then opts to grab the human’s dick and grab on for a while. Belial makes sure no one gets shifted around anymore. Alvin hollers at Jamison to smack that guy’s D. There’s a big clusterfuck of a fight in the doorway.


Aravir Fey Steps and knocks the gnome, breaking his concentration and relieving the party from the cyclone. Seight gets tossed up and down some more, hitting the ceiling before getting knocked to the ground. Jamison’s prey tries to get away but fails- even with the grapple, he manages to smack Mo’kar twice. He then swaps his grapple to the sword human (“old seight”) and gets some health back thanks to Greg’s astral seal. Foostus then runs up and smacks him. Alvin lets Foostus hit him again, and with that he buries an axe into his chest. Foostus, feeling really invigorated, runs forward and knocks the elf. Belial tries to force hammer the sword guy Jamison was holding, but fails miserably. Greg tosses out another Astral Seal.


Another rouge, soldier, and two archers appear!

Aravir slings an arrow at the gnome in the back, fucking him up a bit. Belial gets knocked down by the gnome with a blast of air, but Foostus avoids it. Three sword bros walk in the door to get at Foostus. Jamison then gets smacked by Mo’kar, but retaliates by sliding him into his old square. Foostus then steps on up to Vengeful Storm Rage- and proceeds to only hit one enemy. He takes a little more time to whirling frenzy- killing the elf with the swords, the sword soldier, and cutting into Mo’kar. Alvin spends his turn making Jamison finish off Mo’kar and rewarding him with heals. Belial force hammers the fuck out of half of the enemies, but forgets to sustain his immunity to forced movement shit. Seight ice breathed, but he only hits one dude. He then hacks and hews. Greg Astral Seals an archer.


Aravir twin strikes one of the gnomes, killing him. The other gnome decides to be an asshole and starts up that cyclone thing again. Everyone gets all up ons and smackses. Jamison walks on up and grapples an archer. Foostus walks on up, ready the wreck the same archer, easily bloodying him. Alvin uses commanders strike to make Foostus smack the archer again, yelling at him to “kiss [his] dick!” Belial force hammers a few bros. Seight attempts to kill the archer, barely succeeding. Greg heals Aravir (amongst many “fuck you, Greg!”s), Totally revitalizing him.


A wild gnome, elf archer, elf rogue, and swordy human appear!

Aravir tries to get out of the way, but runs short on ideas. He twin strikes another archer for decent chunk of damage, but doesn’t kill him. In the process, he gets slashed in the face. All the fighters get knocked down by a force arrow. Aravir gets into a little scuffle with the sword guy and the archer guy, getting crit for taking a shifty arrow. Jamison and Foostus have some fun charging and then Alvin lets Jamison finish a bitch off and heals Aravir. Then the new guys decide to really fuck with Foostus and Jamison. The rest of the group decides to really fuck with everyone, knocking bitches prone and bloodying the fuck out of nearly everyone. Seight ice breaths for a decent amount of damage and then unexpected shield bashes to mark everyone in the room. Greg then, reluctantly, decides to heal all his bloody allies.


Aravir kills the gnome that was moving everyone around. Jamison realizes he should start moving back and shifts into better position to get out. Foostus also has the same idea, taking an opportunity attack to get back. Alvin shoots a staggering shot and takes out one of the elves. Belial messes up an augmented force hammer. The new gnome puts out another big blast wind… thing. The party realizes how spread out they all are and begin to get worried. Jamison gets downed, but Greg picks him back up before fucking running.


Some more random baddies move in. Aravir takes advantage of Alvin’s action point advantages to move into better position and then fire a shot. He then yells “fuck it” as retreating into the room. Jamison moves on up to the entrance of the hallway, smacking him and then dragging him into the room. Foostus charges at the dude to attempt to kill him, but fails. Alvin moves in to shoot a massive arrow at the last gnome- he crits him and murders him, eliminating the zone. Then the new recruits move in on Belial and Foostus- Belial is flanked like all hell and goes down in the middle of the room, bleeding and bleeding. Seight, also stuck in the middle of the room with all those enemies, drinks from his flask and dragon breaths. He then attempts a brash strike (and misses) and moves back into the safety zone.


Aravir pops the guy Jamison dragged into the back corridor. He then backs into the safety zone and obscures the zone in nature growth. Foostis then attempts to kill the guy Jamison is holding down with his rage strike- and he crit fails, doing no damage and almost taking Jamison’s arm off. Alvin moves in to heal Belial (who is surrounded by 3 enemies) and then attempts to paint the bullseye on a few enemies to mess up their attack rolls. Pops his action point to do it again and then shifts into safety.

The bad guys hit Belial once and miss the second time. Then the other enemy charges at Seight. Belial then spends his turn teleporting into safety. Seight shifts back and comeback strikes for some health.


Aravir delays.

Foostus pressing strikes Seight in order to shift back and hopefully push him out of the way of some arrows- but instead he misses. Jamison decides to use his turn to drag Foostus into the room. Seight gets dragged closer by Belial- all while a big wave of enemies are pouring toward the room. The group prepares to be as far back as can be allowed.


Foostus and Jamison move into the safe zone. Seight gets hit by the oncoming wave by enemies and takes a minimal amount of damage. Belial pushes all the enemies out of the zone with a force punch. As the building collapses, Jamison yells “fuck you guys!” and gets some water in his mouth.

As everyone gets tossed into the water, they all attempt to swim to the top of the river. Everyone except for Belial and Seight swim fine- Jamison helps Belial back up easily. Foostus and Alvin dive back down to help Seight, crit failed and endurance check and past out, getting him halfway up before Foostus almost passes out. Jamison and Aravir dive back down with Alvin to finish the job. They then ride out on their horses (and camel).

After riding for a while, the group sees a Wyvern and a large flaming tiefling, believed to be the yet unseen, Captain Commander Grimfire, comes down behind them.

Aravir begins his fight by firing a lightning arrow at the wyvern- he hits him hard. Belial tosses an orb at him, knocking him out of the sky. Alvin misses his attack (Dave is a big fucking retard [Oh yeah man?]). The wyvern stings Talugahtolos. Somehow Seight gets dazed. A bunch of shit gets blasted by a blast of fire. Jamison attempts to grab the bro and fails. Seight falls off his horse attempting to attack the wyvern. Aravir moves up and blows his load attempting to kill the wyvern, Belial blows his load on the guy. Alvin doesn’t do fucking anything with his turn and heals Talugahtolos, who Greg refused to heal. The wyvern fucks shit up. Aravir fires another arrow at the wyvern and proclaims “I slayed a dragon!… sort of.” Seight looks at him in disgust. Then that faggot decides to shadowmeld or some shit. Everyone else sits around and does not much of anything- Jamison and Seight get on their prone-ass horses. Then he rains in a meteor and murders Jamison’s horse and damages a lot of other stuff. After that shitstorm Jamison runs up and grapples him.

Jamison miraculously figures out what the curse is that he laid on Aravir. He tries to shoot the guy but ends up shooting himself in the foot. Alvin takes his turn to heal himself and Talugahtolos again. Jamison takes his turn to toss him into the fire crater. Seight walks up to the crater and hits him for 13 damage. Foostis charges to him to do a decent chunk of damage. They all take a few swings at him in the hole but he doesn’t show much strain. The melee still take turns smacking him. They break his shield and he teleports and does fire damage- barely incapping Jamison. Alvin stays useless against a prone faggot.

He continues to explosively teleport when hit, and also continues to focus Aravir, smacking him with a brutal fire vulnerability curse (Jamison also miraculously knows about) and ongoing fire damage combo, bringing him to 2 HP. Talugahtolos soaked up all Alvin’s heals and is now semi-stable, Alvin move in for revenge firing arrows and commander strikes like its his job, (wait a minute…) with light rage when he misses. Greg ambles up on his still burning horse and heals Aravir. The melee fighters continue to hound Grimfire, until Seight struck by the Curse of Madness and begins periodically lashing out at his allies (just Foostus really) with rage.

Alvin lands a clutch paint the bullseye, and melee fighter gang-rape him to death, Foostus getting the killing blow, followed by a revenge Whirling Lunge at Seight.

Bonus XP

Alvin – Well written & detailed adventure log -125xp, Making damn sure Talugahtolos makes it through this alive -125xp. [250xp total]

Aravir – Generally maning-up in combat -50xp, Good use of your heavily obscured zone -50xp, Near singled-handedly taking down the wyvern ("Yay, I killed… of sorts…) & attempting to take its stinger -50xp. [150xp total]

Belial – Learning a valuable lesson about remembering to sustain your powers, making that encounter more for the DM and arguably more interesting -75xp, Near death experience/clutch escape -50xp, Telling the wyvern to get on your level (literally) -50xp. [175xp total]

Foostus – Managing to miss HARD with AoE while surrounded by 5 guys -50xp, “I gunna fucking Rage Strike” and the Rage Strike which followed -50xp, “I’m not leaving my fucking axe” -50xp, Whirling Lunging at Seight -25xp. [175xp total]

Greg – No fuck you Greg, 0xp.

Jamison – Using your new found superpower (dragging heavy objects) to save your team (Foostus, Seight) -50xp, DGAFing about Jamison Jr. (“Jamison doesn’t care about things.”) -50xp, Dragging Grimfire into his own flaming crater -50xp, Apparently having payed really good attention in “Evil Curses” class at the academy -50xp. [200xp total]

Seight – Nearly proving that drowning Seight is more effective than fighting Seight -50xp, Being careful not to let your horse die -25xp, Glaring at Aravir -75xp. [150xp total]



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