Belziat & the 3 Saints

Return to Belghast

Upon entering Belghast our party sees that foreign guards have taken up posts in in town, the party enters by going around through the forest. the party finds that the locals are less cheerful and that the bleeding eye’s HQ has been abandoned. Through the use of Alvins Ghost Sound, the party directs attention away from themselves before being directed to the Crossroads to meet up with Zaalbag. Zaalbag explains that the King’s Elite Hunters are looking for the party and that the Bleeding Eye has been forced to saunter among the common-folk. Zaalbag reveals that the party will be bait for a coming plan to sabotage the enemies effort; However they will need to eliminate a few higher-ups before the plan can be enacted.
Zaalbag has been able to find out several bits of information about them.

The Lieutenants:
Belami, the Geomancer
Mo’kar, the Green Beast
The Pitiless Melissa Chin
Grit, the Deadeye-Duelist

The party splits up to avoid suspicion, as the guards are searching for a large party.
A team of Alvin, Slieght, Belial, and Foostus move out to the forest in an effort to find the Geomancer. The party resolves to set up an ambush after finding his tracks pacing in a figure-eight. The party readies themselves for the ambush by hiding in various bits of brush as well as Alvin, who clambers to the top of a tree.

The Geomancer is not fooled. In his element, he easily picks out the party members and calls them out. Foostus reveals himself and charges to knock him prone, only to have the Geomancer roll away and root Foostus to the earth. Belial uses a kinetic trawl to break his earthen shield and drags him back to Foostus’ range. Seight turns and presses into the geomancer and manages to flank him. From his treetop abode Alvin looses a staggering shot that finds it’s mark. Foostus Thunder Hooves rages all over the place, but the geomancer still manages to slink away. The Geomancer reappears and summons a cyclone which pulls alvin from his treetop and knock Belial to his feet. Then proceeds to again, root Foostus. Sleight moseys up and critically strikes the geomancer with an unexpected shield-bash. Alvin finishes the party with a critical strike and puts the geomancer down. The party resolves to try and use their extra time to find Deadeye Duelist-Grit.

The second team, composed of Alvin, Greg, and Aravir move to try a nearby bar to attempt to poison the reportedly drunken, Pitiless Melissa Chin. They mingle in the bar and find her, Jamison stumbles through some conversation with her and finds out about a fight-club at the bar and she encouraged Jamison to enter. The team hatches a plan to have Jamison enter and defeat Melissa, all the while Greg is playing the “battle-medic” card and is healing Jamisons victims, Aravir; ever the complete pansy when it comes to one-on-one conflict, resigns to mingle and make bets. Jamison defeats all comers including Garr, a berserker, a gnomish monk – “the Iron Wind” and even Crazy Jim, the town drunk, who ends up being mortally wounded. Which Greg is forced to talk his way out of. Finally, Melissa enters the arena opposite Jamison. The battle begins with a dagger thrown into Jamisons’ chest, but the tide quickly turns. Jamison precedes to absolutely man-handle and control the fight. He knocks Melissa to the ground, pins her down and pummels her into a near coma. Jamison collects his prize money and Greg receives payment for his medical work, but not before administering poison to Melissa, sealing her fate. The team, content with completing their objective and pocketing a bunch of gold, calls it in for the night.

The first team however, finds the time to continue their endeavor to find Grit, whom they catch leaping across rooftops, after a botched ambush they proceed to engage him. However, he proves to be far too agile and proceeds to kite the party. Even after Seight hurls insults his way. He proceeds to double-crit Foostus; If i wrote that the fight started beforehand, i lied, the encounter begins now.

The party, frustrated, makes a few attempts to knock Grit to the ground, with no luck. Foostus leaps across the roofs heroically and proceeds to kill Grit, just before he can leap away. Foostus trys to throw the body into the river, but doesn’t quite eek it out and has to jump down and shove the body in. (by jump down, i mean fall down and eat it hard)
everyone retires for the night.

The plan is revealed to the party the next morning, and we find out that there is a mole within the Bleeding Eye. The party sells their wares, enters the old Bleeding Eye and loot like mad men before entering their battle formation.

Jamison gathers Zaalbag’s various literature, but first grabs some of Zaalbag’s "literature. He also finds his bag of holding in his desk and proceeds to full it with books, before heading to the armory.

Alvin looks for historically significant objects, identifying many key objects to the Bleeding Eye and The Commune in the commons and Zaalbag’s office, which he either grabs or tells people to grab. Then proceeds to the armory.

Seight checks around for weapons and armor, while playing packmule.

Belial does various arcana checks and finds too much to discern much of anything. He identifies the items the party finds.

Foostus also loots the armory and picks up some battle-axes.

Greg checks out the armory and finds nothing befitting of a pacifist, save some armor.

Aravir scopes out the training room and find some good items, then grabs some bows from the armory. He’s also remembers to grab Mora’s forging tools.

Bonus XP

Alvin – Finally making some use of Ghost Sound -5xp, Ambush on Belami -50xp, ‘Ambush’ on “Dead-Eye” Grit -50xp, Looking for and grabbing books/objects of historic importance -100xp. [205xp total]

Aravir – Gewd adventure log -125xp, “Helping” kill Chin (being afraid of 1v1 fights, then betting on fights like an opportunist) -50xp, Grabbing Mora’s forging tools -50xp. [225xp total]

Belial – Ambush on Belami -50xp, ‘Ambush’ on “Dead-Eye” Grit -50xp. [100xp total]

Foostus – Ambush on Belami -50xp, Crushing “Dead-Eye” Grit -50xp, Asking how big Chin’s tits were -25xp. [125xp total]

Greg – Your role in Chin’s assassination -125xp, Accidentally finishing off Crazy Jim, proceeding to vomit on him because of your pacifists oath, then having a good enough diplomacy to get out of the situation unscathed -50xp. [175xp total]

Jamison – Jamison’s quick & witty dialogue at the bar -25xp, Holding down and beating to near death a woman, and frail drunk old man is enough extra xp for you, you monster -0xp, Looking out for the commander’s literature 75xp. [100xp total]

Seight – Doing all the talking with Zaalbag -75xp, Ambush on Belami -50xp, ‘Ambush’ on “Dead-Eye” Grit -50xp. [175xp total]



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