Belziat & the 3 Saints

The Flight, A Reunion, and Farewells

"And we sail off into the sunset"

Our party picks up where we left off. Everyone made it to their balconieszz. The glass ceiling is discussed. The party sees cloaked men below. Seight’s arm begins to burn, indicating that his long, lost brother lies below. The king of the country speaks of an alliance between the kingdoms; a war to stop a war. The war shall rage for 3 months or until the nobles only account for 5% of the population again (they’re currently at 12-15%). Queen Maria, shifting her massive girth, has a troubling thought. Her pathetic, woman mind thinks that the beasts, currently controlled by the Kings, will break free and roam the land unchecked, killing at will. The smart men think she is stupid because she is. They make a remark about the Bleeding Eye and then Seight’s brother looks in his direction and his arm burns. Foostus sees a female minotaur and falls in love, then falls out of love because she is fat. The two parties begin to head out as quickly as possible.

The large, female minotaur traps the stealth group and declares that she plans to kill them all. She is dual wielding mauls in her identical hands (a left and right, not a left, left combo). Seight’s brother corners the bluff group and begins to assault the party with attacks. He waves his hands around and ice stalactites come down from the ceiling and push the party back (minus Seight) and set up a one-one-one battle. Aravir attacks first, and attempts to sling a frost arrow the minotaur’s way in order to slow her down. Despite his weak damage, he hits and she is slowed. Seight’s brother explodes a whole-mess-o’-shit with a bunch of fire. The majority of the party is slowed. A ball of ice is flung at Seight and is a successful strike. Turns out a certain overactive imagination made this guy way too fucking powerful. Seight’s brother also slams down on the ground and causes icy patches to cover the ground, shitting on everyones plans. The female minotaur yells for guards after advancing on the group. Jamison gets the fuck out. Alvin attempts to cut through the ice. Urza (or Erza as he is known) puts down a Storm Pillar and his Maw, champion of everything, to block the hall way. Seight falls in front of his brother but still manages to get an attack off. The minotaur realizes that Urza has blocked the hall way and cuts the party off. The bluff party attempts to cut through the ice. Jamison sprints towards the exit (as Aravir has already bailed on the the party). He slides everyone out of the way with ‘everybody move’ and makes it to the door, but can’t get through it.

Seight gets ran through with an ice spike, with reference to FF8 (plus 10 DM points) and then he gets impaled again taking 50 points of damage in a single attack. Seight calls out his brother for being a douchebag. Greg (fucking Greg) does 2 damage to the ice. Urza attempts to disguise himself as more guards flood the area. The bluff party decides to try and run through the adjacent rooms in order to get to Seight quickly. Jamison flees the battle and the remaining forces corner Foostus. Foostus manages to make it out of the battle before shit gets real. Urza’s trick has worked and the guards think that he is one of them. Urza does some more crazy wizard tricks and makes his way towards the door safely. Seight pulls his brother towards him and the misses a bunch of times but in that struggle he breaks free of the ice. GFGreg attacks the ice some more, despite its incredible reflex defense. Seight’s brother shifts back and summons a dragon (thanks for thinking up this guy) and Seight falls down. Alvin crits the lock off of its chain, exploding it. In the room awaiting, the party (minus a down Seight) is Zalbag. GFG gets yelled at for not healing his party. Belial bursts into the room and attempts to confront Seight’s brother, but fails. A party of guards amass behind our heroes as Greg runs through the door containing the rest of his party, fear in his eyes. Zalbag portals into the room with Seight and slams into Seight’s brother, knocking him back and saving Seight from a chilly death. Zalbag tells Alvin to grab Seight and run. The party is filled with a sense that Zalbag will hold them all off. Alvin heals Seight, but doesn’t attempt to grab him, and then runs towards the door. Belial continues to pin him into the wall. Greg tops off Seight before he heads towards the exit as well. Zalbag continues generally badassry and lights his sword aflame before driving it into Seight’s brother. Seight’s bronamath pushes Zalbag back a bit. Seight rises and hears the sound of guards knifing through the ice behind him. He attempts to run towards the exit but he falls again on the ice. Zalbag grabs onto Seight’s brother as the melee continues. Seight hops back up and runs towards the exit again, but yet again we learn that ice is slippery. Guards flood the room, death seems to be inc. Alvin uses ghost sound to make the sound of cracking ice behind the guards in attempt to distract them before heeding out. Belial runs back towards his IRL brosef right as Zalbag shouts “get the fuck out” and teleports Seight’s brother out with him. Seight gets up and rolls some demon rolls on his way out, coating everything in ice. Then both Belial and Seight make it out.

Both parties make it out of the castle and GFG once again BLUFFS THE FUCK OUT OF SOMEONE (they may or may not have shit themselves). The bluff party makes it out safely. The stealth party attempts to make it out, but they get caught sliding back down the rope. The party stumbles, rumbles, bumbles, down the rope. Urza pulls his same tricky bullshit. Aravir splits the rope with an arrow causing the guards in pursuit to fall off the wall. The guards chase them down the alley ways. Jamison stumbles around, while everyone else with inferior athletics has no problem. Jamison eventually finds his feet and the entire party makes it out. The party mounts up and we continue hastily out of the city. At the end of the day, as the party makes camp, they realize that they are being followed. Urza puts down a skull watch in the morning and they see that it is a battalion that is following them. They decide to head south through the forest in order to try and lose them.

As they charge through the forest they see a woman whom is being chased by a group of nymphs. Our DM makes Foostus cry IRL over horse combat. The nymphs roll in and start clubbing Foostus’ horse. The mysterious woman continues to run towards the party, screaming. Urza summons his maw (which is pretty typical at this point) and he gets a bite in. Jamison rides in and gauntlets the nymph. Combat continues to rage in the forest. Foostus’ horse is downed in the fray. Alvin rides in and tries to command the maw to attack, but the maw does not understand him and instead vomits. More psychic terror is spread throughout the party as the battle continues (mind raping (just a bit)). The woman is scooped up on Aravir’s wolf as he plugs an arrow into a nymph. As the psychic terror is saved against, it spreads to the nearest person, which is terrible news. Foostus misses his rage….again. The nymphs begin to literally beat a dead horse, much to the demise of Foostus. The maw strikes again and nightmares are erupted. Jamison acrobatically leaps off of his horse and enters the fray, or at least tries to (a miss followed with a Twitch “…you got anything else?”). Seight is knocked down, but not before he gets a shield bash off. Alvin attempts to redeem the maw by having him race the arrow, but can’t land the arrow. Belial kills a nymph, which the party finds out ends the psychic damage to whomever they had it on. Another barrage of arrows slam into nymphs from Aravir. GFG stabs himself and heals Belial. Foostus appears from behind the tree, sprints around it, and then charges into the bigger pack of nymphs. GFG becomes the target of a nymphs rage as his horse gets pounded. The maw finally gets a successful attack in. Jamison is perpetually stunned. Seight starts slamming into nymphs and then ice breaths all of over them, slaying one and damaging two more in a display of skill. GFG’s horse is downed. The party begins to focus on the red whom has Alvin’s target pained on it. Arrows and maws slam into it. GFG heals his horse, remounts him, and rides back towards the party. Combat continues as blows are exchanged. Alvin dips dangerously low but gets a clutch heal off. GFG’s horse is downed again. Seight still can’t land a blow. Aravir fires an arrow into the red nymph, killing it. GFG sneaks around a heal and gets off a massive heal on Seight, like a boss. Foostus rages IRL and in game (well really only IRL), bloodying a nymph. Greg takes it as Jamison knocks green down. Belial circles back and slams into the blue and black nymphs in an attempt to save the healers. Aravir kills another nymph and GFG heals a large part of the party. Urza’s summoned dust devil runs into a pack of them…and…only hits Seight’s horse. Foostus rolls in and bloodies the blue nymph.

Combat continues as the party circles in on the last two nymphs. Belial dances around before slamming a nymph into another tree. Aravir rolls in and slams 42 damage into blue, killing it. The dust devil fails again (this will be remembered) and foostus rides in and slams the remaining nymph. Jamison slash the nymph, but doesn’t kill it. Seight remains stunned for what seems like the 100th round in a row. Alvin commanding strikes Foostus to kill this last bastard…and he crit fails. Aravir kills the last one, mopping up everything. It turns out that this woman was a succubus. Seight gets a hat that gives him even more will, so he stops getting fucking dominated/stunned.

We get to Ao Kaigan and make it to an inn. Mora and Zalbag died buying the party time, Zalbaag was killed by Seight’s brother. Suddenly the guards converge on the inn and we escape to the dock towards the ship. We find out from an old man walking down the pier that the island we are going to is full of nothing but “answers and trouble.” Alvin recognizes this man as the original leader of the commune, Rimuto Ravenhart, (who at this point in time should be roughly 550 years old) as we sail away…into the sunset…maybe…probably.

Ravenhart’s Exact Speech (For those who GAF):
“This country is about to become a living hell, and all this because one man is pulling all the strings. And until you find out who, there isn’t a damn thing you can do here. You kids try and enjoy your vacation, but take it from me, on that island, only two things are waiting for you, answers and trouble…”

Bonus XP

Alvin – Breaking the shit out of that lock -50xp, Straight sprinting away saying fuck everybody after the nymphs got at ya -50xp. [100xp total]

Aravir – Being the first out when shit hit the fan -50xp, Splitting the escape rope -50xp, Using the shroud to aid the escape through the city -50xp. [150xp total]

Belial – Staying back a bit help Seight out -50xp. [50xp total]

Erza – Extra good/long Adventure Log -150xp, Using fancy wizard tricks to escape (disguise, ghost sound, mage hand) -100xp. [250xp total]

Foostus – Sprinting past your teammates to escape the guards -50xp. [50xp total]

Greg – Bluffing the shit out of a guard -50xp, Saving your horse -50xp. [100xp total]

Jamison – Acting like a hardass then running then getting stopped by a door during the escape -50xp, Having a bit of a rough day of it (Falling down the rope, getting caught by guards, being stunned for half an encounter, etc.) -75xp. [125xp total]

Seight – Attempting really badass things vs Vesayo (albeit failing) -100xp, hanging out and drooling the who nymph fight -25xp, taking over Belial well (again) -50xp. [175xp total]



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