Belziat & the 3 Saints

The Horror of the Catacombs

The party wakes up about as refreshed as one can be, considering the circumstances. Along with the somewhat-aware priest whom Jamison knocked-out the night before.

Alvin unties the priest and removes his gag to engage in some conversation. The head priest, as we learn, explains that the cultists moved into town four days ago and slaughtered without fear of retribution.
Within the church, all of the holier- members of the church were brought down to the crypt and heard from again.

The crypt-keeper may have conducted rituals, but they were dismissed as no more than cantrips at best, as he had no magical prowess whatsoever.

The party leaves the room and makes way for the catacombs.

Aravir picks the lock, and quickly scrambles behind more sturdy companions.
In the room the party sees a decent with three ladders leading down.

After some creeping around the party lights a torch and rummages through the bodies in the crypt. Alvin removes a longsword from a body and throws it across his back.

Jamison tosses a sun-rod down into a room and sees nothing.
After moseying around in the darkness the two groups end up running into each other, sans Alvin. Aravir stumbles around a corner in a botched stealth attempt and is promptly greeted by an angry,screaming withering.

The encounter begins with a whiffed arrow, and the initiation of a “good-ol’ fashioned kinetic trawl gang-rape”. Shortly after, the Witherling rolls away and finds the time to scream again and is promptly reinforced by two skeletons. As well as several members of the undead shambling in from behind the party, all too eager join in the rapidly growing melee to assail our heroes.

After some tribulation, including but not limited to, Alvin being groped by persistent zombies, Foostus, nearly biting the dust,while cleaning up minions. the party disposes of their undead guests.

After some looting of various goods including longswords, gems, and chainmail.
the party finds an immense metal door, complete with blood seeping out from below. The party decides that not to delay the inevitable, forms up and presses on.

Upon the alter, is a pile of mangled bodies, complete with a vortex of souls and cultists chanting atop,
As the party enters, the head cultist plunges his sword into himself. the swirling souls react as the cultists disperse into black thread-like energy. Souls and blackness alike merge with the pile of mangled corpses. With the black threads “sewing” the mass together, the party is faced with a titanic flesh golem abomination.

The abomination charges through the party, tossing aside party members like rag-dolls, then stopping and smacking any heroes unfortunate to still be within the reach of its axes. Afterwhich, the threads of darkness appear to suture the monster’s wounds.

Aravir, after teleporting away, looses two solid arrows into the unholy behemoth.

Foostus comes through in a clutch, charging in and absolutely obliterating with two critical strikes.

Jamison, drunk as ever, brutally strikes the fleshy mass, his inebriation compounds his attack, leaving the horrifying mass bloodied, or rather, more bloody than before.

Falcor proves his worth for once, summoning a wall of light to assist his allies, and burning some of the necrotic black threading away from the patchwork horror.

Alvin, strikes with bastion of defense, boosting his allies resolve, however the strike itself opens a grevious wound in the monster, which unleashes a torrent of acidic blood upon nearby heroes and creates some unfriendly terrain for the party.

The abomination, answers with a war-stomp, knocking three party members off their feet.
To add insult in injury, the flesh golem brandishes an immense axe and brings it down on Foostus, and again, whirls through nearby party members.

Belial kinetically slides a downed Foostus away from further harm and various acidic bodily fluids.

Jamison connects with a mighty spinning sweep, knocking the fleshy mass prone, complete with a splash of acid on nearby allies.

Alvin scrambles to heal his nearby downed allies, with the inspiring word of “glory”.

The abomination stands up and takes two swings and downs sleight, nearly outright killing him.
Same treatment is given to Alvin, however, only one connects

The patchwork of mangled bodies finally collapses, leaving Foostus with two +1 battle axes.

the party licks their wounds, then turns and moves to the next room.

The party opens the door and stumbles upon a room full of cultists, without missing a beat, Jamison asks Aravir to “close that damn door” he obliges. The party lines sets up a bottleneck for the cultists and set up to strike.

The cultists open the door and greet Foostus with various necrotic energies.

The party lets the cultists come to them, slamming and pelting them as they move through the door, downing them one-by-one.

The plan works out pretty well for once, and the party clears out the final cultist.

The group finds Bracers of the Perfect Shot, given to Aravir, 1+ Armor for Alvin, and various arcana checks later the group gives it a rest, Aravir locks an oddly cold door with a crude lock he finds, under a rug and the rest of the party barricades the door behind them. Finally, the party takes a well-deserved rest.

Bonus XP

Alvin- Talking to the head priest 75xp, Ending up all alone in the crypt fight -25xp, Being a part of the “loot way more shit” initiative -25xp. [125xp total]

Aravir – Good adventure log -100xp, Drawing the abomination fight -50xp, Being a part of the “loot way more shit” initiative -25xp. [175xp total]

Belial – Initiating a few “Kinetic Trawl and Gang-rape” plans -75xp, Being a part of the “loot way more shit” initiative -25xp. [100xp total]

Foostus – Demolishing the boss with a double crit -75xp,Being a part of the “loot way more shit” initiative -25xp. [100xp total]

Jamison – The old good cop, dumb cop routine -50xp, Showing the abomination the crushing weight of alcoholism (5 swig attack) -75xp, “Close that damn door” -50xp, Being a part of the “loot way more shit” initiative -25xp. [200xp total]

Seight – Starting the “fireman slide down the ladder” trend -25xp, Suggesting desecrating the entire tomb (despite going unheard) -75xp, Being a part of the “loot way more shit” initiative -25xp. [125xp total]



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