Belziat & the 3 Saints

The New Party is Formed

A new party (Seight, Foostis, Belial) of military cadets from Grond, sent to the bandit stronghold to recover the duke of Goltana, awaken in a prison cell somewhere in the stronghold.

Our new members run out of jail after Gerry unlocks their cell.

Falcor is nowhere to be found; our existing heroes find a crudely scribbled note from Gerry that suggests he bailed (and that he’s schizophrenic).

Alvin runs toward the figures he sees moving up the stairs and cowardly warns his company to come get him soon. The two groups meet in the middle room and figure out that Gerry (cocksock) ran back to fight kobolds- Seight (matt’s dragonborn) decides to go find help him out. Alvin agrees and the group heads back down the ladder.

The group moves in to see a large kobold priest grab Gerry and vanish in the next room- they move in and find the scene of a massacre in a jail. They find two human-looking things under tarps- it turns out that four kobolds jump out from under the tarps (oh carp its a tarp) and two of them stab Jamison.

Jamison and Seight gets themselves stuck in jail cells. Aravir whiffs an arrow and Alvin’s cheerleading just psyches Seight out and makes him miss his commanding strike attack. Foostis goes into Jamison’s jail cell and proceeds to not notice the large kobold hulking in the corner.

During the first round everyone does a whole lot of nothing- they fail miserably to land an attack. Seight tries DESPERATELY to make something happen and continues to fail. Foostis rends a minion and works on the other big’un and Seight’s next attempt via Alvin and kills a minion. Suddenly, things are going their way. They wipe out all the minions, but one of the big guys runs away from Seight. However, a few seconds later Belial uses his crazy mind powers to smack him- hard- and yank him back into the fight. Another guy runs in to smack Belial around and the fight slowly starts to center around the middle of the room- a bit of a clusterfuck. They all gang up on one of the kobolds and take him out. However, the one in the cell with foostis and Jamison is wrecking, even when bloodied. Aravir tries to take him out, but instead rails foostis. Foostis takes him out with his next attack. Alvin rewards Foostis for his hard work with a heal and lets Seight smack at the last remaining guy. Aravir comes through and THWOMPS him with another arrow for massive damage. He ends up sliding past Seight and running for it. Foostis charges after him but misses. Alvin lets him take another basic attack but he still misses. Belial manages to fucking mindrape him and end the encounter.

Aravir comes out with a new pair of shoes and the party gets 100 gold.

They slowly move upstairs and enter a series of hallways and stairways but see little of interest. They all walk into the large hallway and hear a click- behind the back line of people a huge wall of spikes is moving toward them. Even though Alvin can slip out the way they came, he decides to move forward. Aravir moves even closer and sees little notches in the wall with kobolds hiding. He womps one and alerts the party of its presence. The fighters charge in and hit the kobolds. They slide away and the fighters get hit by darts that Jamison triggered in his recklessness. He was hoping that squishy spot stopped the wall… but after getting struck by poison darts, he muttered “did not stop the wall.” They continue to move forward and eventually trip a tripwire- soon after, 4 kobold minions and the two kobold slingers they found before are blocking the path. Jamison also gets hit by fire damage. Soon after the tripwire, a big log comes through and cleaves the warriors and knocks them down- and they knock down Alvin. Aravir splits the tree and kills both of the big kobolds. The warriors step up onto that tree and take out the minions. Foostis moves up and finally sees the end of the hallway- he sees a big door, but there’s a pit and a kobold standing in their way. It’s about this time that our party notices that the wall is speeding up. Our warriors jump over the pit and manage to bloody the kobold after one round of swings. Everyone manages to clear the hole, although Alvin almost doesn’t make it- he needs a force push from Belial to make it. They continue to smack at him until he dies. They kick open a door and see a laaaaaarge room with some statues. The closest statue reads:

The statues know the way which is safe
but only the first and every fourth one is in its right mind
the rest had their minds tossed and turned
the ages have ruined their thoughts

They all hold clocks.

Jamison goes to check out the pool and gets wrecked by a net and narrowly escapes drowning to death. Then Aravir leads the charge, going statue to statue leading the party through the maze of traps without incident. The party reaches the door and upon trying to open it are dropped down a shoot and land on a mountain of pillows.

They find themselves in the living quarters/infirmary for the stronghold, where they find a man by the name of Doc. He had apparently been a doctor the bandits had been forcing to help them. He tells them he had been hiding here from the kobolds and that he was about to remove the pillows the party landed on and unveil the spike pit bellow to trying kill kobolds that find their way through the maze. Seight thinks to ask about the his team’s mission objective, rescuing the duke of Goltana. Doc replies that he’s nothing of anyone so important being around, and the same for the original parties objective, the Marquis of Elmberry. Doc barricades the door, and unveils the spike pit to defend the room and the party all drift off to sleep.

Bonus XP -

Alvin: keeping the adventure log -75xp, good/funny dialogue -50xp. [125xp total]

Aravir: Being one of the few to remember your party’s mission -50xp, flying through trap puzzle like a man -75xp. [125xp total]

Foostis: Being the strong silent type -25xp. [25xp total]

Jamison: Not being gay -25xp, good/funny dialogue -50xp. [75xp total]

Seight: Good/funny dialogue -50xp, consistently acting based on what your CHARACTER knows and not personal knowledge -50xp, Remembering/asking Doc about your mission objective -50xp. [150xp total]



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