Belziat & the 3 Saints

The Party Arrives in Westford

Would the Real Hawkins Please Stand Up?

The group forages onto Westford. For whatever reason, the party senses people are following them a few days back. They see that the town is triangular and that the guards patrolling the walls are heavily armored. They spend a while just trolling around figuring out what’s going on in this thread. Jamison goes to the inn and figures out that the next onslaught is in a week. Alvin hops on Seight’s back (with Belial in tow) and they find a guy who’s wandering the town willing to talk. After lots of really creepy innuendo, they find out he’s the “town informant.” They creepily go down into his basement, which happens to be a well-furnished basement. They get the information (they find a Measter Hawkins, a slumlord, that fits Alvin’s “kick-ass” description) after Alvin agrees to be the info vendor’s (Veris) pet for the night.

In the other side of town, Jamison finds of a Jack Hawkins, a guy who trains guards and wields a great-axe. He thanks the guy that gave him the info and then talks to the bar wenches. He hires all three of the women to keep him company for the night.

Foostus passes out in a shitty inn in the slums for 5 gold pieces.

Greg tries healing people until he kills a man, pukes everywhere, hides the body, and happens to get into the same room as Foostus. He does manage to heal Foostus in the night and Foostus repays him by trying to attack him when he wakes up.

Alvin helps Veris’ black cousin get laid by formulating a great story and then sits at the bar with Belial and and Seight.

Aravir trances on top of a building in the slums disguised as a human and has to run away from two guards running after him with clubs. He has to pop phasestep to get away.


Seight, Belial, Alvin try to analyze the map to try to figure out what they should do to track down their Hawkins. They meet Jamison who debriefs them about Jack Hawkins, but he also gets the time they need to leave incorrect. They decide to split the party to check into the different Hawkinses- It’s Belial, Jamison, Foostus, Greg and Seight and Alvin in two separate parties.

Seight and Alvin eventually find the Big bald dude in the bar they thought he would be in. Seight eventually buys him a drink and talks to him enough to know that he wasn’t the droid they were looking for.

The other big party goes to the barracks to try to get to the other Hawkins. They find he can’t be actively reached, so they leave a message. A guard comes in around an hour to come get Jamison to bring him and the party in. He talks pretty nonchalantly to them- we don’t know his angle. He explains the The Blood-Bound Thirteen- they are made up of 26 individuals, in pairs, spread across Shin Sekai. They are the best bet to defend against the onslaught. They are the strongest 26 people on the island. One of them is after us for some reason. THe card from the dark horse guy carries a card with their symbol. We don’t know the purpose other than that the dark horse means they are trying to become part of the Bloodbound 13. They count up from 13 in the ascending order. We defeated two of them in the tower that one time. Squad 12 is pursuing us- known as the Primal Terrors.

Hawkins wants to capture one of the members or The Organization operators, by the name of Galadus, to figure out why they’re powerful. The Crown Hunters are the enforcers. The Operators are people that collect all that money, and are different entirely. He thinks the town can overthrow the sway of The Organization and they can defend against The Organization for at least a little while.

The group has to train guards in order to establish a cover and stuff.

Aravir goes Mano y Mano with the ranged squad captain and bests him at this hardest challenges, including shooting from one corner of the town to the other and playing a epic game of bowman.

The melee bros have a series of physical exercises; Jamison consistently eats shit. Seight and Foostus do well. They then fight waves of the guards to demonstrate their prowess. Seight wins, he just wins, defeating all the guards. With that he Foostus gain the right to train the troops.

Much Delayed Bonus XP

Alvin – Adventure Log +125xp, Being Veris’ pet, trying real hard to get his idiot brother laid +75xp. Total: 200xp

Aravir – Climbing shit for no reason and getting chased +50xp, Training the archers +100xp. Total: 175xp

Belial – Nothing you weren’t there Justin. Total: No, Fuck you.

Foostus – You are just a big drug addicted sad-sack huh buddy? +50xp, Training the troops +100xp. Total: 175xp

Greg – Trying to make money and failing +25xp, Being able to hide the body +75xp. Total: 100xp

Jamison – Good RP (Drinking and Whoring) +50xp, Finding Hawkins 125xp. Total: 175xp

Seight – Being the driving force behind half the Hawkins investigation +125xp, Training the troops +100xp. Total: 225xp



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