Belziat & the 3 Saints

The Party Goes to Church, Bloody Mess Ensues

"Today, Seight learned he can take damage"

After recovering for a moment from the encounter with shrieking witherling & friends, the party proceeds to set up for a frag and clear on the city hall. They execute the plan as laid out by “Coach” Alvin, setting up on all sides of the building, waiting for the sound of a rock Belial threw up to break in. Foostus thinks he hears a similar noise and breaks in early, to find a small hall chocked full of undead and a man about to be killed by a cultist wielding a longsword and wearing a necklace of teeth/fangs. Before they can react, Foostus presses through their ranks to deliver a whirling frenzy aimed at 6 foes. Things begin to go less smoothly as the undead and their master have time to react, cornering Foostus, the cultist delivering a crushing blow with his longsword. Seight then breaks in and decimates the enemy ranks with a triple crit ice breath. Soon everyone has entered the fray, except Jamison, who failed to hear the rock, and took the breaking windows and battle noises as his queue to break in. He takes a swig from his flask then dishes out a mighty blow. The cloaked cultist continues to lay into Foostus, bloodying him with his longsword, and revealing his hideously mutated fangs downs Foostus with a bite. Without too much further delay the undead and their leader are all slain. The party loots and Aravir picks up some +1 leather armor.

Jamison decides to free the bound man, but quickly loses interest in talking with him shortly after the man begins to speak. The party finds out that this man is the town’s mayor, Todd Johnson, and that the cultists moved in set up shop, gleefully, a murdering, burning, pillaging, and zombifying the town about three days ago. He also informs the party that the cultists have taken most of the town’s residents to the church of Erathis on the hill, the cultist’s apparent HQ. Leave a Bleeding Eye symbol (with an arrow for clarity) by the town hall for Falcor to find, and the party barricades themselves in and sleeps for the night.

The next morning Falcor meets up with the party, and they proceed to the church. Up the hill, the party finds itself once again on a path flanked with wheat field, the gate to the church ahead of them Seight and Jamison (?) cautiously comb the wheat for foes, as Aravir stealthily moves up the path, and finds that there is a graveyard in front of the church and two cultists are conversing (or possibly kissing) in front of the church. He quietly asks for advise, and none of his allies hear, and Aravir proceeds to be ballsy.

He fires a shot at each of the flat-footed cultists, exclaiming “SPLIT THE FUCKING TREE.” In the next few moments, Seight and Jamison lost in the wheat hear: “SPLIT THE FUCKING TREE,” the sound of dark energy, Alvin shouts “CALLED IT!”, the sound of swords slashing Aravir, followed by once again Alvin’s “CALLED IT!” All of this prompts them to join the fight. The cultists retaliated quickly one firing a ray of draining necrotic energy, sapping Aravir’s strength, followed by a blast of necrotic energy. At this Alvin yells “Called it!” Next undead spring out from behind tombstones and assault Aravir, and Alvin once again shouts “Called it!” Aravir makes a swift retreat using Fey Step but fails to regain his strength. Foostus moves up and attacks the undead, and Seight wanders out of the wheat a breaths ice decimating the enemy ranks and drawing their aggression. Belial wanders the through the wheat to find himself faces with the gate, and Jamison wanders out of the wheat and drinks to prepare himself.

Seight finds himself the under fire from the cultists and takes significant damage. Alvin backs up to a safe distance and more undead clog the gate. But Foostus moves up and begins to cleave undead and press through their ranks. And the undead fall quickly as the party (minus Aravir, still licking his wounds, and Jamison drinking because he can’t get into possition) unleashes an assault of attacks. Foostus moves up to finish off on of the cultists while Jamison drunkenly charges, jumps over a gravestone, and demolishes the other. The party takes a short breaking the graveyard before moving into the church.

The party finds itself face with four cultists, two resembling the toothed one from earlier, the other two, wielding greatswords and wearing black robes with white skulls painted on the hood. After Jamison briefly tries to parley with them, (“Hey guys, what’re you up to there…”) to no avail. The party’s many melee fighters move up to engage the cultists, Seight unleashing an ice breath, Jamison cleaving, and Foostus swinging with his axes, and Belial leading with a telekinetic anchor. The after many powerful attacks the cultists retaliate, undaunted and unbloodied. Alvin who stayed behind with the ranged fighters, suddenly finds himself assaulted by two cultist, each dual-wielding qatars, though Alvin makes it out relatively not stabbed.

The party continues damage all of the cultists bloodying them one by one, however the cultists return the favor laying into Seight and Foostus bloodying them both. Foostus goes down and misses his belee masic on the way down. Jamison continues drinking. The cultists begin to drop dead, and the party’s keener members notice their souls appear to leave their bodies and fly through a door in the church. Alvin’s Inspiring Word brings Foostus to his feet again, and Seight struggles to stay on his. One of the greatsword wielding cultist drops and is risen by demonic energy into a frenzy after his soul left his body. Foostus fights a cultist one on one an altar. Soon both of the qatar cultists are down and the second greatsword has fallen and risen. Foostus is downed by the biting cultist but attacks him on his way down to take him with him. The two frenzied cultists swing twice each, downing Seight and almost Jamison. After that, the demonic energy leaves them, and follows the souls through the door, and their battered bodies drop to the floor.

The party moves into the room in the back of the church, which appears to be tbe priest’s quarters. They find a bloody, delusional priest hiding under one of the beds. After talking to him the party theorized he ate people to survive. He begins screaming and so Jamison knocks his ass out. The party barricades the room and goes to sleep

*Bonus XP *

Alvin – Planing the frag and clear on the town hall -75xp, “Called it!” -50xp, Doing the talking with both captives -50xp. [175xp total]

Aravir – Being stealthy -50xp, Being ballsy/“Split the tree!” -125xp. [175xp total]

Falcor – Showing and playing someone else’s char -50xp. [50xp total] (Will be added to Greg)

Foostus – FSUing and being a bit early to the party -75xp, Getting downed on three separate occasions -50xp, Taking a cultist with as you go down (Finally hitting with that belee masic) -75xp. [200xp total]

Jamison – Spending most of the churchyard fight drinking 50xp, Crazy charge at the end -50xp, Showing the cultists your drunken wrath 50xp. [150xp total]

Seight – A triple crit ice breath should be a reward in and of itself 50xp, Good use of dragon breath flask 50xp, In the third fight, single-handedly tanking enough damage to down the entire rest of the party 75xp. [175 xp total]



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