Belziat & the 3 Saints

The Traitor & The Trials

The company finishes off Grimfire and his wyvern and attempts to see if any of his goodies are of use. Greg makes off with a crown and the party divides the rest. ALE continues to ride to the town and Jamison is forced to ride with someone due to the death of his horse, Jamison Jr. They reach Agria at about 5 pm and they are supposed to meet Zalbag at “The Urban Lumberjack”, Marshall’s new bar. They enter the bar and see that is still under construction and manage to find Zalbag. Jamison sits down at the bar (because he’s an alcoholic) and finds out there is no alcohol and is immediately sadface. Seight and Greg walk up to Zalbag, and Zalbag asks what they managed to take inside the old hideout. He’s impressed by the amount of stuff the group was able to take and allows everybody to keep one item. Greg tries to steal the bag of holding but Zalbag punches him and says bluntly “Fuck you Greg”. Aravir tries to do the same and his fate is the same as Greg’s. Zalbag reminds the company that someone is leaking information from the Bleeding Eye and it is imperative that they find out who it is. He informs the group they must interrogate each member of the clan and find out who the culprit is.

The company splits up and Group A heads to the slums to interrogate Argus, the fag they saved. Group A arrives at a bar called “The Iron Stomach” and spots Argus. Jamison feels at home with all of the shady characters and orders a drink because he is of no use for this discussion. The rest of the group starts talking with Argus. Argus tells them that his branch was almost destroyed by a traitor. He is suspicious of Weber and Grimm and is unable to keep track of their whereabouts. The group finds something off with his story. Jamison walks over to Seight and whispers into his ear that he’s horny. Seight is creeped out and they decide to leave once again and talk to the others. Jamison stays behind and will follow wherever Argus goes.

Group A (excluding Jamison) goes to talk to Mora. She says she ain’t the traitor and she thinks Grim is innocent and Argus is suspicious. She claims Weber is a pretty nice guy and is also innocent. She expresses interest in Aravir’s cock because he saved her tools from destruction.

Jamison attempts to follow Argus but is a bit too drunk to see him. He loses Argus many times but manages to find him every time. He pays many bums for the information and manages to lose 150 gold. Jamison finds Argus talking to a guard and sees that they start walking toward him. He manages to escape stealthily and meets up with Group A and B at The Urban Lumberjack. Argus meets up with Jamison at the bar and says he’s pretty sure Weber is the traitor.

Group B enters a bar called “The King’s Tap” and tries to find Weber. Greg sits down after yelling at the barkeep, like an asshole, and Weber appears next to him and also takes a seat. Aravir has a big vagina and orders a Smirnoff ice (1% alcohol). Weber insists that Argus is the traitor and tells the group that he’s going to do some more recon. He puts on his cloak and disappears into the night. They head to The Academies to interrogate Grimm. He seems shaky and nervous and definitely has been drinking for a while. He claims he doesn’t know who the traitor is because he’s a pussy. He finally shapes up and expresses suspicion of Argus. Aravir touches his cock and buys him another beer and stays behind to follow him while Greg and Foostus leave.

Aravir follows Grimm and notices he left a bar to go to another bar. Aravir sneaks and grabs a drink. He listens in on his discussion and realizes it’s pretty much just drunken talk. Grimm leaves an hour later and Aravir follows him into the Noble District and sees Grimm walk to two guards and start talking. The two guards grab Grimm and start walking further into the Noble District heading toward the castle. Grimm starts shaking wildly. Aravir steps up and attempts to take Grimm from the guards. He manages to carry Grimm back to The Urban Lumberjack where everyone is asleep.

In the morning Jamison tells Zalbag that Argus is the traitor. During the ribbon cutting ceremony Zalbag says he will say a codeword and everyone should rape Argus. They all proceed to the secret tunnel in the lumberjack and enter the commons area of the new Bleeding Eye establishment. Zalbag talks great things and that means it’s time to fuck shit up.

Aravir takes a shot at Argus and hits his dumbass for massive damage. Jamison takes two drinks and hits him also for massive damage. Alvin attempts to take a shot at him, but fails. Foostus takes a swing at him with his battle ax and kills him, and at the same time cuts the ribbon to the new Bleeding Eye base camp. Zalbag tells the company of their new task before they eavesdrop on the three king’s discussion. They are told to go to some island (the Great Southern Light, a lighthouse south of Agreia) to retrieve some log (so ALE can sail to the island of Shin Sekai if need be). By passing trials, the log keeper (The Sage of the Tower) will part with his log.

They arrive at the lighthouse and knock on the door. The door slowly opens. The group inquires about the log to the dude at the front desk. Everyone moves in to compete in the trials. They proceed through a door into an empty room with a headstone in the middle with door at the end. A man appears in the middle and he’s super pissed. He calls for his minions.

Aravir takes a shot at the big guy but one of his minions blocks it with his shield. The baddies move in and surround the group. They take their attacks and hit most of the group. Seight dragon breaths and takes down two minions. He attempts to kill some more but fails. Jamison also fails to kill anyone. Foostus lands an attack but cuts the the spirt in half, creating two. ALE realizes slashing and piercing damage are a bad idea. More baddies move up and hit Jamison, Aravir and Seight. Belial kills two peeps with a force hammer. Greg does his one thing (scared flame) and hits. Aravir fails to hit with his next move. The baddies move in and attack the group. Seight dragon breaths the shit out of the room and kills a lot of baddies. Foostus attempts to kill a dude but misses. Baddies move up and attack Seight. Greg does his sacred flame and kills a nigga. Aravir misses with his rock attack. Foostus hits him with his butt (ROFLMAO) and kills him. The group moves into another room.

In the middle of the next room lies some bitch (Attentia) who is elvish (an Eladrin). The group has to fight her cause she doesn’t want the group to see the powers behind the door (“dat bitch”). Aravir hits the bitch but the damage is distributed throughout the party. Jamison takes a hit on Seight which causes damage against dat bitch. Foostus also moves and hits Jamison and Seight which causes the bitch to go down on her knees asking for a raping. Dat bitch screams loud and stares at Seight and mind fucks the shit out of him. She also weakens half the party and slows them. Seight goes crazy and runs across the room. Belial hits every single one of his teammates and they take massive damage. With those hits, dat bitch screams and disappears. The group proceeds through the next door.

The group enters a room full of mirrors. The group solved the puzzle and then saved some cats. Game over.

Bonus XP

Everyone get 740xp for the things turned into the Bleeding Eye.

Alvin – Being the one who talks at your interrogations -50xp, Having a good, though mistaken idea about the Legion fight (shoot him in the heart) -25xp. [815xp total]

Aravir – Good interrogations -50xp, Tailing Grimm and saving him from the guards -100xp. [890xp total]

Belial – Playing lie detector -50xp. [790xp total]

Foostus – Good first time adventure log -125xp, Cutting the ribbon -50xp. [915xp total]

Greg – Playing lie detector -50xp, Figuring out the Legion fight’s trick first -50xp. [840xp total]

Jamison – Good RP during interrogation (Not saying much, drinking,getting impatient and trying intimidation, etc.) -50xp, Tailing Argus -75xp. [865xp total]

Seight – Also having good dialogue in the interrogations -50xp, Being damage sponge in the Attenia fight -50xp. [840xp total]



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