Belziat & the 3 Saints

Trouble in Westford

[Yell at me if I forgot something important/funny]

The party finds itself amongst the guards and their captain Jack Hawkins as they head to the bars. Hawkins feels himself indebted to the party for their help, and offers them a night of celebration on his tab! The night starts off with everyone (except Aravir) having a round of a specialty ale called, “Sabbath,” which is a magical brew which robs the imbiber of his ability to speak common as he becomes more drunk.

Seight and Jamison enter a drinking contest, with plans to enter a tournament afterwards. Alvin decides to look after them, but get distracted by the man playing the piano. Belial, Foostus and Erza go to gamble and fucking Greg feels the need to chaperone them. Aravir chills and watches the drinking contest.

The drinking contest goes on for several rounds, alternating contests of chugging speed and endurance. Jamison excels at the contests of chugging speed, much to the dismay of his liver and his endurance checks, while Seight takes the slow and steady route. Eventually only a hammered Jamison, Seight, an Orc and another tanked human remain. Jamison and the other human promptly fallout of the running, and Seight, having won the most rounds up to this point chooses Endurance for the sudden death round. Shot after of Dragonfire Whiskey is consumed until Seight finally loses his to the Orc across the table. He drunkenly drops his coin purse between the fall Seight and Jamison. Aravir spies this and picks it up, while Jamison and Seight fail to even notice Aravir. Aravir elects to give it back the Orc, who shouts at him in Orcish and then gets sad when Aravir runs away.

Erza opts to play blackjack, while Belial and Foostus play craps, and Greg opts to watch like he’s everyone’s fucking mom. Erza chats up the dwarf dealer, regaling him with the truth of the rumors about Elves and their massive pansexual orgies. He fails to come up with a way to cheat at cards, and in the process both he and Greg fail to notice the dealer cheating. He gives up after several losses.

Belial and Foostus realize they have no idea how to bet on craps. Belial realizes he can try and discretely modify the dice rolls with his force powers. He is too afraid of getting caught to use it for the most part. Instead he displays his hidden gambling addiction, leaving Foostus behind and betting most of his money. He somehow comes out ahead and leaves as Alvin enters.

Alvin after sitting and bugging the piano player, Pate, saw Greg and got terminally sad. He entered the craps table to try and cure his sadness, and the dealer advises that a 200 gold bet is the usual cure for his level of sadness. He bets, loses, goes to bed.

Jamison and Seight struggle against the language barrier to try and beg Hawkins for money to enter the tournament. They both fail, and end up taking another drink before being sent on their way to the tournament.

Fucking Greg enraged at the fact that the Piano Playing Pate only knows 3 songs moves to threaten him. He then bitches out when Westford soldiers even start to move to Pate’s aid.

Jamison takes on a classic gladiator wielding a net and trident, and proceeds to get netted and trident-ed. After being impaled by the trident he grabbed a hold of his foe and proceeded to pummel him, crushing him despite his piteous cries and dagger stabs.

Seight drops out of the tournament in the intreats of time. Jamison drops out, out of fear upon witnessing his second round opponent, a massive dragonborn wielding a bastard sword.

With everyone gathered up again, Hawkins on the verge of buying everyone another round, realizes his wallet is gone! He believes he sees the thief run out the bar. A short chase ensues with Aravir, Greg, and Belial following him. Finally the thief is cornered like a rat in an alley. And when some sober light is shone on the situation, the thief is revealed to actually be, a rat. Worse the coin purse was already empty. Depressed, Hawkins slumps up in the alley. Belial fashions some trash in to a crude blanket for him and departs.

Belial purchases a premium room with his earnings. There is a woman and a glass of milk waiting in the room when he and Seight arrive. Belial takes the woman, Seight takes the milk, pours it on himself and passes out. Jamison displays with skill and grace, his ability to pass out in an alley unmolested. Aravir attempted to predict the weather and failed horribly, remaining adamant that it would rain on a clear night. Everyone else gets to sleep without incident.

The next day a much more serious and grumpy Hawkins meets the party and gives them a rundown of the plan to kidnap Galladus. The party would be disguised as noblemen and merchants, amongst the actual merchants and noblemen that frequent the town hall. Hawkins would give Galladus a fake payment, when Galladus realized the deception the party would spring from their disguises and grab him.

In reality, Galladus did not show up alone, but instead with the Primal Terrors, the 12th Squad of the Bloodbound 13. He proceeded to toy with Hawkins and leave without even looking at the false payment. Cerebys (two-headed, AND TWO-ARMED guy) locked the party in, while his partner Demora (banshee-bitch) tapped into everyone’s minds and knocked out all of the real nobles and merchants revealing the party. Cerebys quickly began his assault my leap-pouncing and mauling Aravir L4D style. Foostus then runs up starts to aide the more vulnerable adventurers up top, while Aravir and eventually fucking Greg jump ship to fight Demora down starts. After controlling Aravir and having him shoot his comrades, Demora gets focused down hard downstairs. Meanwhile upstairs Belial and Cerebys brawl and see who can crash who into more surfaces, while Erza and his various summons watch and occasionally take opportunity attacks. Belial eventually loses this exchange, as his unconscious body is thrown against the far wall. Greg keeps touching boys.

With Demora finally dead, Cerebys eventually loses control and enters his ‘awakened’ state, assuming the form of a three-headed hell hound. He decimates the party with his 3 different breath attacks. During this assault, Hawkins briefly loses control and reveals the fact that he is a werewolf by assuming hybrid form. Foostus is very nearly killed as all three heads squabble over him like a piece of meat. Despite Jamison’s best efforts, Aravir gets the KB on Cerebys, bringing the mythical creatures kill count to 1 Kraken vs. 1 Cerebus.

Before the party can even gather and heal its wounded (because Fucking Greg once again in another sudden moment of insanity decided that pacifism was bullshit and he wanted to, “Kill some bitches”, was vomiting his heart out), Hawkins rushes to unbar the door. The door is shattered by a lightning bolt of sorts that strikes Hawkins through the shoulder. He is wounded grievously, though not fatally and Seight drags him along. The town is a scene of destruction as a few unknown Crown Hunters are running rampant destroying everything to get at the party. One is wrapped almost entirely in fetters, save for a single arm, and the other seems to be surrounded by a shroud of smoked, and more ‘lightning bolts’ fly in from somewhere distant, turning entire buildings to rubble.

Hawkins hastily leads the party down a few alleys and down an underground passage to escape the city. Outside the city, Direwolf, Teluga Tolos, and horses for the rest of the party await them. They ride away from Westford as fast as possible, the thought that they seemed doomed to be alone in the wilderness for the next Onslaught, loomed in the back of their minds…

[Side note: since you all are a higher level and we don’t play often now, a larger amount of bonus XP is going to up for grabs during each session. So don’t freak if these numbers seem ridiculous]

Alvin – Hanging out with Pate the piano player +50xp, Curing, all to common, Fucking Greg induced sadness with Gambling +100xp. Total: 150xp

Aravir – Cautiously dodging the drink offered by Hawins 50xp, Stealing/Returning the orc’s coinpurse +125xp, Chasing down the ‘thief’ with Hawkins75xp, Trying to predict the weather and sleep outside +75xp, (Helping out the DM by drawing enemies) +175xp. Total: 500xp

Belial – Developing the an actual personality well (developing the strong silent type personality, through actions without much talking and not simply by not talking) +125xp, Thinking to modify craps rolls with force powers +50xp, Establishing Belial’s gambling addiction +100xp, Cool battle sequence (good ideas with bashing Cerebys into walls, cool imagery for the action) +50xp, Total: 325xp

Erza – Being the best damn ad-man this side of the Atlantic +75xp, Chatting up the dwarf card dealer +100xp, Skyping in kinda sucks (compensation for RP’ing being difficult via Skype) +75xp. Total: 250xp

Foostus – Gambling a little bit 75xp, Chasing down the ‘thief’ with Hawkins75xp, Skyping in kinda sucks +75xp. Total: 225xp

Greg – Trying to watch over gambling, like he’s everyone’s mom +100xp, Threatening Pate (and then getting the fuck out, Fucking Greg) +75xp, Chasing down the ‘thief’ with Hawkins +75xp, The classic, unnecessary Sacred Flame +50xp. Total: 300xp

Jamison – Combat XP (from tournament) +300xp, Drinking contest XP +125xp, Just plain good RP (continuing the most well-defined personality in the party) +200xp. Total: 625xp

Seight – Drinking Contest XP +125xp, Roaring at Hawkins for more money +50xp, Spilling Milk all over himself/Sleeping with milk +50xp, Total: 225xp


Matt – Doing double character duty and doing it well +150xp to either Seight or Belial

DM – +10 DM points for writing the adventure log



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