The Eye's Newest Recruit



Originally part of the Myren-Minor branch of the Bleeding Eye, his branch had an information leak while he was doing recon in Saints’ Passage and he was captured by the King’s troops. To make it look like it wasn’t the work of the Kings, they gave him to some Belziat-Death cultists, who would surely dispose of them before he could escape. When the Myren-Minor’s branch head got word of this disaster, the cultists had moved into Covost-Minor branch’s territory. Though different Bleeding Eye branches rarely communicate in order to preserve secrecy, contacting Zaalbag was probably the only way to reach Argus in time, if there was any hope at all.

And he was indeed saved by the brave men of ALE. Covost-Minor’s branch head’s other request was that Argus be kept in Covost-Minor’s branch until Myren-Minor could sort out and recover from its information leak. Since then he’s been splitting recon duties with Weber, though his true specialization lies in assassination. He seemed to adjust and make friends fast since joining the branch and always seems polite, in a serious, almost business-like way. Though he isn’t afraid to argue when he feels strongly about something…

He was slain by the party, who ‘uncovered’ him to be a traitor.


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