Bleeding Eye Medic


Grimm, the half-orc cleric, is the medic for the Covost-Minor branch. Though he is good at his job and formidable fighter, he is not without many flaws. Grimm is the branch’s problem child and the other guild members treat him as something akin to a little brother. Grimm is incredibly gullible, quick to anger, has a bit of drinking problem, and a bad sense of direction. Despite his flaws he is well loved by the guild members, and anyone else who’d mock his “quirks” would quickly find out how handy Grimm is in a fight.

No one know exactly where Grimm is from, (even Grimm, due to his poor memory) only that he showed up in town when he was about 11, and started make trouble. He would get in fights, and deface property, seemingly for the attention of the guards chasing him. Of the current members only Zalbaag remembers Grimm initiation, having had a personal hand in it.

He sailed across the sea to Shin Sekai along with the party and is currently the only member of the Bleeding Eye the party still has contact with.


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