Age of Conflicting Ideas


A history book found by Alvin, in a bandit stronghold in the Rooya mountains.

“. . .And as the towns, city-states built up more and more, the newly educated populous widely agreed some sort of central government would necessary to prevent the city-states from having armed conflicts over petty squabbles. The form this central government would take was, however a massive debate throughout all of Crynov. There emerged two trains of thought, one of which, The Threefold Monarchy, said the descendants of the Three Saints should each split the land into thirds and rule each third individually since each of the three held immense power, each being able to control of The Three Beasts. Since they would operate individually from each other, there would be a balance of power between the three which would keep the peace. There was, however, another idea which contended that the Threefold Monarchy gave too much power to too few people. This idea was the Utopian Commune. The idea of the Utopian Commune was driven by the fact that during the time since Belziat had been defeated, amidst the rapid growth and education there had been no fighting what so ever. The advocates of the idea (known collectively as The Commune) believed that internal peace would remain as long as progress continued and every person was treated as perfectly equal. For national matters, such as defense from an outside threat, each person’s voice would have equal weight.

The current war was started by the clash of these ideas which have shaped the end of this age."

Age of Conflicting Ideas

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