Jamison's Bottomless Flask

It ain't for gays


The Bottomless Flask replenishes it’s store of Marshall’s patented “Mighty Liquor” daily, using a magic which feeds off the users vital energy and will to drink. Each time it’s user takes an extended rest, it refills itself with a large gulp (referred to as a charge) for each healing surge the user has.

Property: Jamison gains a +1 enchantment bonus to attack & damage rolls with unarmed strikes while holding the flask in his off-hand (he is still considered unarmed while wielding the flask.)

  • “Take a Swig (Mighty Ale)” Power(At-Will): Minor Action. User takes a drink of mighty ale the flask produces granting temporary strength, and potentially impaired motor function. User gains a bonus to his next damage roll before the end of his next turn equal to his strength modifier (can stack). However, the user also gets a -1 penalty to attack rolls (save ends) [this penalty is cumulative with itself; however in the result of a successful save with multiple penalties accrued, the penalty reduces by 1 per successful save, one save per turn for this effect.] This power consumes 1 charge. Cannot be consumed while under the effects of “Zen Alcohol”.
  • “Take a Swig (Zen Alcohol)” Power(At-Will): Minor Action. User takes a drink of – the flask produces granting a temporary uncanny ability to dodge about like a drunken master. User gains a +2 bonus to AC and Reflex, and an additional +2 bonus to AC versus opportunity attacks. While under this effect, the user may also shift 2 squares as a move action. This drink however, makes it user take a -1 damage penalty (save end, sames as the attack penalty). This power consumes 1 charge. Cannot be consumed while under the effects of “Mighty Ale”.
  • “Sober Up” Power(At-Will): Move Action. User clutches the flask, take a deep stance and attempts to steady himself. User may make an endurance check to try and sober himself reducing the attack/damage penalty induced by the flask’s powers by 1. The endurance check’s DC is equal to 10+(1/2 level)+(total attack penalty).
  • “Mixing Uppers and Downers” Power(Encounter): Minor Action. User pops the flasks cap off drinking “Might Ale” and “Zen Alcohol” together entering a temporary heightened state. Until the end of the users next turn he gains a bonus to Damage, AC, Reflex equal to his Strength. Additionally he gains an addtional +2 AC vs opportunity attacks, and whenever if the user is miss by an attack, he shifts 1 square and make a melee basic attack. After these effect wear off, however, the user roll an Endurance check (DC = 17 + [1/2 level]) or be stunned for one turn. On a successful save the user is dazed for one turn. Consumes 4 charges.
  • “Get On My Level” Power(Encounter): Move Action. [Must have a grabbed target] Jamison pours absurd amounts of liquor down his foe’s throat, making the following attack:
    Strength + 3 vs Fort
    Hit: Target is dazed and has a -2 to attacks [Save Ends]. Aftereffect: Target has a -2 to attacks [Save Ends].
  • “I’ll Feel This Tomorrow…” Power(Daily): Minor Action. User prepares himself for the coming battle by downing the remainder of the flask’s contents for the day. The user gain resistance to all damage equal to his constitution modifier, and +2 to damage rolls until the end of the encounter. All damage ignored by this damage resistance, however, is dealt to the user after the encounter is resolved (this damage can reduce the user to, but not below 0 hit points.) The user also gets a -5 to attack rolls [save ends], which functions as the penalty for “Take a Swig”. This power consumes all the flasks remaining charges.

After Jamison tried the barkeeper of The Lumberjack, Marshall’s new brew, “Mighty Liquor” Jamison agrees to invest in Marshall’s venture into magical brewing. As the first step of this Jamison has been bestowed with a bottomless flask of “Mighty Liquor” to test its effects and flavor. The was forged in to the manly image of a bear.

Warning! Side-Effects may include: being awesome, getting too many women, hoping people stop reading before the bad side-effects, general orneriness, partying too hard, forgetting there is such a thing as partying too hard, acute brain damage, not-so acute brain damage, muscle cramps, spontaneous magical dismemberment, “rum shits”, constipation, dementia, psychosis, death, nausea, SPLINTERS, carpal tunnel, inexplicable blunt-force trauma, wife-beating, necrosis, laziness, considering those who only read the first and last thing, having a good time.

Jamison's Bottomless Flask

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