Jamison's Gauntlet


Property: When the wearer of this gauntlet grabs another creature with it, grabbed creature loses the insubstantial quality and/or phasing if it had either of them. The grabbed creature is also rendered unable to teleport by most means.
Shimmering arcane runes glow whenever the gauntlet claims another victim in its vice-like grip

Jamison takes aim and fires his spiked gauntlet at his foe, the chain still attaching it to him. The spikes on the knuckles retract and protrude from the palm, and sink into Jamison’s target, cementing his hold on them

Daily Version

“Chain Grab” Power(Daily): Standard Action: Attack, Ranged 10: Jamison’s Strength mod + Gauntlet’s Enchantment bonus vs. Reflex
Hit: Target is knocked prone, grabbed by Jamison and takes 1d6 + Jamison’s Strength mod + 2x Gauntlet’s Enchantment bonus damage.

Sustain Minor: The grab is maintained and Jamison can make a Strength check and pull the target a number of squares equal to the check result divided by 5 (modified for size). The target then takes 1d6 + Gauntlet’s Enchantment bonus + (Str check result divided by 4).


Jamison's Gauntlet

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