The Cold Reminder

A Gift & Curse From Vesayo


Though the arcane tattoo is driven by his own pain, suffering and hatred, it gives Seight limited access to the magic he never had an affinity for.

Property: Resist cold 7 (increases to 10 at 11th level, 15 at 21st). This resistance can decrease and is fully restored at an extended rest, or Seigh regains half his level cold resistance at each milestone, by forgoing gaining another action point.

Property: As long the cold resistance is active, if Seight takes cold damage (after resistance is applied) the Reminder can recycle the energy to recharge his breath weapon, at the cost of reducing his resistance by 1.

“Impure Ice Armor” Power(Daily): Move Action. Seight condenses moisture in the air to form icy spiked armor on own his body. This gives him a bonus to his AC and Fortitude equal to his Strength modifier until the end of the encounter or until Seight dismisses it as a minor action. While Impure Ice Armor is active, enemies who hit Seight in melee are stabbed and frozen by the spikes and take cold damage equal to Seight’s Constitution modifier. The armor puts an incredible strain on Seight’s body, causing him to take cold damage equal to his Constitution modifier at the start of each of his turns while Impure Ice Armor is active.

“Cold Fury” Power(At-Will): Minor Action. Seight briefly focuses his hatred for his brother, so intense it causes the tattoo emit a small burst of cold energy, very similar to Vesayo’s breath. Seight deals 10 cold damage to himself, giving him a bonus to his damage rolls equal to his current Constitution modifier for his next damage roll. His cold resistance is then decreased by 1.

“Crackling Palm” Power(Daily): Standard Action. Seight’s currently imperfect technique to kill his brother with the power he gave Seight, discharges an incredible burst of ice energy from left hand, harmful to the user as well as its target.
Melee touch; Attack:[Strength + 2] vs. Fortitude;
Hit: (1d6 per level) + (Strength Mod) + (Cold resistance value) cold damage;
Miss: half damage;
Effect (happens on hit or miss): Seight takes half damage after which his cold resistance drops to 0.
Special: This attack can be used in place of a melee basic attack as part of a charge, and if the user does so this attack can target either Fortitude or Reflex (user’s choice).


When Seight awoke from his defeat there was but a piercing blue dot on his upper left arm. As he recovered his strength and his hatred for Vesayo grew so did the apparently magically mark, growing into a symbol which covered his shoulder.

By the time Vesayo found Seight in Overwatch the tattoo flared to cover much of his arm and burned his skin with searing pain. When Vesayo retreated, so did the pain in Seight’s arm, and after there conflict is shrunk to only cover his shoulder again, (pictured) but it’s size, and apparent arcane energy has been growing steadily along with Seight’s own power on his journey.

It is almost certain that the only person who could’ve given Seight such a complex magical tattoo is Vesayo, who appeared intent on killing him with the rest of his clan. Its true purpose still veiled in mystery, it could be a mark by which Vesayo could track Seight, or something much deeper.

Though Seight has kept the Reminder hidden under his armor at all times, as it is a shameful sign of his defeat and the slaughter of his clan, as Seight’s power swells, the Reminder is increasingly hard to hide. And besides, if some power lies in his Cold Reminder, he has learned from his previous defeats that he will need to use all the powers at his disposal if he is to slay his traitorous brother…

The Cold Reminder

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