Belziat & the 3 Saints

The Adventure Begins

-The party are a group of unpopular cadets at a military academy for nobles in Covost. With murmurs of war going about, all cadets in the academy are undertaking missions to gain combat experience in case of a war erupting. The party, being unpopular with their superiors is give “The shittiest assignment,” to clear out some bandit fort in the middle of nowhere, while, rescuing the Marquis of Elmberry, who they’d apparently kidnapped in the mountains on the border of Covost & Grond.

-The party traveled to the mountains with little trouble other than the 5 of them nearly getting taken out by 2 wolves. One of which had the misfortune of being made into Gerry’s dick sock.

-The party finds a small, uninteresting mountain town that is apparently oblivious to the bandits which are supposed to live very near in the mountains.

-Diplomatic relations with a few old men in the bar dissipate quickly, revealing only that the villagers are hiding something, while almost starting a fight involving the entire town.

-The party assaults the mayor’s house and one of the party members, who had been very adamant in his desire to “to rape bitches,” struggled to not assault the mayor’s daughter. It is discovered that the town harbors the bandits, who share their wealth with the village. The party gets directions to the bandit stronghold.

-The party is ambushed by bandits, who nearly immediately kill one party member who charged ahead of the rest. The bandits are defeated, cursing their luck as they died, as they where escaping from their own stronghold.

-The party soon discovers that the bandit stronghold has been overrun by what looks like demonic kobolds. The party barges into the fort and a fight ensues with the kobolds. The party wins handily. The large room they find themselves has two door and a large stair case, and the party decides to take one of the doors and a bloody battle occurs in what appears to be a mess hall. After a hard fought battle, the party decided to barricade the room and PTFO.

**All characters who participated should be at level 2 with 1000xp. Usually here is where I’ll post bonus XP, awarded for good roleplaying, clever thinking, general helpfulness, and overall hilarity. None is posted this time because this orignally supposed to be a demo, so you guys got bonus XP already.

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