Belziat & the 3 Saints

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The Adventure Begins

-The party are a group of unpopular cadets at a military academy for nobles in Covost. With murmurs of war going about, all cadets in the academy are undertaking missions to gain combat experience in case of a war erupting. The party, being unpopular with their superiors is give “The shittiest assignment,” to clear out some bandit fort in the middle of nowhere, while, rescuing the Marquis of Elmberry, who they’d apparently kidnapped in the mountains on the border of Covost & Grond.

-The party traveled to the mountains with little trouble other than the 5 of them nearly getting taken out by 2 wolves. One of which had the misfortune of being made into Gerry’s dick sock.

-The party finds a small, uninteresting mountain town that is apparently oblivious to the bandits which are supposed to live very near in the mountains.

-Diplomatic relations with a few old men in the bar dissipate quickly, revealing only that the villagers are hiding something, while almost starting a fight involving the entire town.

-The party assaults the mayor’s house and one of the party members, who had been very adamant in his desire to “to rape bitches,” struggled to not assault the mayor’s daughter. It is discovered that the town harbors the bandits, who share their wealth with the village. The party gets directions to the bandit stronghold.

-The party is ambushed by bandits, who nearly immediately kill one party member who charged ahead of the rest. The bandits are defeated, cursing their luck as they died, as they where escaping from their own stronghold.

-The party soon discovers that the bandit stronghold has been overrun by what looks like demonic kobolds. The party barges into the fort and a fight ensues with the kobolds. The party wins handily. The large room they find themselves has two door and a large stair case, and the party decides to take one of the doors and a bloody battle occurs in what appears to be a mess hall. After a hard fought battle, the party decided to barricade the room and PTFO.

**All characters who participated should be at level 2 with 1000xp. Usually here is where I’ll post bonus XP, awarded for good roleplaying, clever thinking, general helpfulness, and overall hilarity. None is posted this time because this orignally supposed to be a demo, so you guys got bonus XP already.

The New Party is Formed

A new party (Seight, Foostis, Belial) of military cadets from Grond, sent to the bandit stronghold to recover the duke of Goltana, awaken in a prison cell somewhere in the stronghold.

Our new members run out of jail after Gerry unlocks their cell.

Falcor is nowhere to be found; our existing heroes find a crudely scribbled note from Gerry that suggests he bailed (and that he’s schizophrenic).

Alvin runs toward the figures he sees moving up the stairs and cowardly warns his company to come get him soon. The two groups meet in the middle room and figure out that Gerry (cocksock) ran back to fight kobolds- Seight (matt’s dragonborn) decides to go find help him out. Alvin agrees and the group heads back down the ladder.

The group moves in to see a large kobold priest grab Gerry and vanish in the next room- they move in and find the scene of a massacre in a jail. They find two human-looking things under tarps- it turns out that four kobolds jump out from under the tarps (oh carp its a tarp) and two of them stab Jamison.

Jamison and Seight gets themselves stuck in jail cells. Aravir whiffs an arrow and Alvin’s cheerleading just psyches Seight out and makes him miss his commanding strike attack. Foostis goes into Jamison’s jail cell and proceeds to not notice the large kobold hulking in the corner.

During the first round everyone does a whole lot of nothing- they fail miserably to land an attack. Seight tries DESPERATELY to make something happen and continues to fail. Foostis rends a minion and works on the other big’un and Seight’s next attempt via Alvin and kills a minion. Suddenly, things are going their way. They wipe out all the minions, but one of the big guys runs away from Seight. However, a few seconds later Belial uses his crazy mind powers to smack him- hard- and yank him back into the fight. Another guy runs in to smack Belial around and the fight slowly starts to center around the middle of the room- a bit of a clusterfuck. They all gang up on one of the kobolds and take him out. However, the one in the cell with foostis and Jamison is wrecking, even when bloodied. Aravir tries to take him out, but instead rails foostis. Foostis takes him out with his next attack. Alvin rewards Foostis for his hard work with a heal and lets Seight smack at the last remaining guy. Aravir comes through and THWOMPS him with another arrow for massive damage. He ends up sliding past Seight and running for it. Foostis charges after him but misses. Alvin lets him take another basic attack but he still misses. Belial manages to fucking mindrape him and end the encounter.

Aravir comes out with a new pair of shoes and the party gets 100 gold.

They slowly move upstairs and enter a series of hallways and stairways but see little of interest. They all walk into the large hallway and hear a click- behind the back line of people a huge wall of spikes is moving toward them. Even though Alvin can slip out the way they came, he decides to move forward. Aravir moves even closer and sees little notches in the wall with kobolds hiding. He womps one and alerts the party of its presence. The fighters charge in and hit the kobolds. They slide away and the fighters get hit by darts that Jamison triggered in his recklessness. He was hoping that squishy spot stopped the wall… but after getting struck by poison darts, he muttered “did not stop the wall.” They continue to move forward and eventually trip a tripwire- soon after, 4 kobold minions and the two kobold slingers they found before are blocking the path. Jamison also gets hit by fire damage. Soon after the tripwire, a big log comes through and cleaves the warriors and knocks them down- and they knock down Alvin. Aravir splits the tree and kills both of the big kobolds. The warriors step up onto that tree and take out the minions. Foostis moves up and finally sees the end of the hallway- he sees a big door, but there’s a pit and a kobold standing in their way. It’s about this time that our party notices that the wall is speeding up. Our warriors jump over the pit and manage to bloody the kobold after one round of swings. Everyone manages to clear the hole, although Alvin almost doesn’t make it- he needs a force push from Belial to make it. They continue to smack at him until he dies. They kick open a door and see a laaaaaarge room with some statues. The closest statue reads:

The statues know the way which is safe
but only the first and every fourth one is in its right mind
the rest had their minds tossed and turned
the ages have ruined their thoughts

They all hold clocks.

Jamison goes to check out the pool and gets wrecked by a net and narrowly escapes drowning to death. Then Aravir leads the charge, going statue to statue leading the party through the maze of traps without incident. The party reaches the door and upon trying to open it are dropped down a shoot and land on a mountain of pillows.

They find themselves in the living quarters/infirmary for the stronghold, where they find a man by the name of Doc. He had apparently been a doctor the bandits had been forcing to help them. He tells them he had been hiding here from the kobolds and that he was about to remove the pillows the party landed on and unveil the spike pit bellow to trying kill kobolds that find their way through the maze. Seight thinks to ask about the his team’s mission objective, rescuing the duke of Goltana. Doc replies that he’s nothing of anyone so important being around, and the same for the original parties objective, the Marquis of Elmberry. Doc barricades the door, and unveils the spike pit to defend the room and the party all drift off to sleep.

Bonus XP -

Alvin: keeping the adventure log -75xp, good/funny dialogue -50xp. [125xp total]

Aravir: Being one of the few to remember your party’s mission -50xp, flying through trap puzzle like a man -75xp. [125xp total]

Foostis: Being the strong silent type -25xp. [25xp total]

Jamison: Not being gay -25xp, good/funny dialogue -50xp. [75xp total]

Seight: Good/funny dialogue -50xp, consistently acting based on what your CHARACTER knows and not personal knowledge -50xp, Remembering/asking Doc about your mission objective -50xp. [150xp total]

A Shocking Discovery

Upon our return, we find that Falcor,our troubled Wilden friend, awoke to pursue Gerry the night before and was taken hostage by kobolds nearly immediately. Our heros awaken to find Falcor, asleep atop dead kobolds impaled upon the trap spikes in the room. Mostly unharmed, he rejoins the party, much to Jamison’s dismay.

Doc explains to the party their situation, directs them out the door, and returns to his position of safety under the bed.

The party falls in and moves out. Jamison takes point as the party ambles down the hallway, and announces that it is, in fact, “really dark”. Seight shoves ahead, and peers into the room and provides more insight than a mere lack of illumination. The party comes to the consensus that the most viable path to take is to pass the stairs and continue down the hall. Jamison again elaborates on the hallway’s darkness.

Aravir is elected to slink into the next room under the cover of darkness, and finds nothing of note. As such, he waves Jamison into the room. In his fervor, Jamison attempts the force the locked door within the room open after Aravir’s key finds no purchase. Jamison’s attempt is none better. Foostus takes a swing at the lock as well, but remarks that “it’s a strong lock”. Alvin calls for a backtrack after witnessing the party fail at the pad-lock boss. A short mosey back down the hallway and several looks up a stair-case.

Back down the hallway, a stubborn Jamison and Belial, encounter a shiny key on a table. Jamison strolls up to the table nonchalantly, swipes the key, and is ambushed by Kobolds.

-“I hate Kobolds” -Jamison

Belial, thinking on his feet, yanks Jamison back to relative safety, shortly before 4 spears would’ve sunk into his chest. However a spear still finds its way to sail into Jamison’s chest.

Alvin and company, back near the stairs, Also encounter resistance. Aravir’s swift perception grants him a quick chance to Fey-Step away from trouble before the remainder of the party may react. Falcor, caught unaware gets through beat-down, but not without losing plenty of blood.

Back down the hallway, Jamison quickly drops a kobold before the other kobolds set in upon Belial and himself. The victory is short-lived, as the head kobold sinks a dirk into Jamison as Belial’s psionic power faulters. With renewed vigor, Jamison throws a mighty cleave, ending two more kobold lives.

In front of the stairs, Falcor hits the floor – hard. Foostus mans-up, slaughters a kobold and rides the momentum to strike at another foe. Alvin, hearing a friend in need, comes to Falcor’s aid and inspires him to pick himself up; still bloody – but up. Falcor finds the time to clean himself up, and shambles away.

Down the hall, Jamison finds another kobold’s blade the hard way. Belial, in his retreat, psionicly pulls the kobald back with him and leaves it bloodied. Afterwards, Jamison destroys the remaining kobold minion and turns the flank his final foe.

Falcor, down the hall, still can’t catch a break and finds himself bloodied once again. Aravir finally sinks an arrow into a kobold, while Falcor, again, eats more damage. Foostus takes a step back and charges in horns first, goring his foe into the ground. Alvin steps forward in all of his glory, inspiring Falcor, while absolutely pulverizing the grounded kobold into a fine, blood-red mist. Falcor finds it in himself to clear out the last foe.

Finally, down the hall Belial resolves the encounter by force punching his foe into the wall.

The party regroups, patches up and finds that Jamison’s key opens the door.
Jamison then opens the lock, and peers into the room.

-Who are you? Lightning? Abyssal? …Business Kobold?! – Jamison to the Lightning Demon.

Looming in the room the party finds a gaunt Lightning Demon, surging with a volatile power, but curiously enough appears to be forced into a physical form by several binding crystals throughout the room. The party deliberates in the doorway. After several attempts to communicate end in failure, Alvin makes an earnest call for a unified strike. Jamison, as fool-hardy as ever, triggers a electro-magnetic trap which pulls the entire party into the room.
Before the party can even exchange terrified glances, their foe strikes with conviction.

Foostus catches a blast of devestating lightning; hard enough to bloody him instantly, but true to his steadfast minotaur nature, remains on his hooves.

Sleight unfurls a wave of frost breath from his maw into the demon to initiate the battle for the party.

Aravir, strides out and looses a arrow into the demon. While a sure-hit, the demon doesn’t show any sign of trouble dealing with it.

Footsus, enrages and brings the pain, axes whirling, which visibly shakes the demons resolve.

Falcor looking find his moment to shine, and calls down the thunders of judgement, but the divine command falters and his strike does not connect.

The Demon steps forward and unleashes and super-sonic roar; catalyzing a terrible turn of events. The roar summons forth small crystal golems from each crystal. In addition, the demon pours its energy into Seight, effectively possessing him, and directing him to strike at his former allies.

One of the crystal golems catches an arrow which nearly shatters it, while the now demon-possesed Seight continues to bear down on the nearby party-members.

Belial, unleashes a kinetic trawl upon the damaged shardling, destroying it and briefly disorienting the demons control of Seight.

The party resolves to destroy the remaining crystal golems to hopefully break the demons hold on their draconic friend.
After some tribulation, compliments of golemic frost-blasts and misthrown literature from a nearby bookshelf, the crystal golems are all shattered.

The shattering of the golems causes the demon to erupt from Seight and bolt wildly through the room before coming to a rest, stunned, in the corner. Several attackers whiff on the defenseless demon before Alvin, in all of his Gnomish glory, delivers yet another absolutely savage blow. This however, doesnt stop the demon from turning and plunging an energy draining blow straight through Jamison, siphoning his energy into itself. Following this, the demon surges through several party members, shocking them with it’s stolen energy.

After a drought of successful connections, the party pays the price of a reset encounter.
Aravir is possesed by the demon, and sends two arrows screaming into his former allies, Belial and Falcor, setting the tone of potential grave danger.

Four smashed crystal golems later, Aravir recovers control of his actions and immediately afterward scores the killing blow on the demon.
The crystals in the room explode and leave a gaping hole in the room’s back wall

After rifling through the desk, the party finds two-hundred gold pieces, another key, and Eagle-Eye Goggles.

Alvin discovers a University History book circa the Age of Ideas.

Jamison takes a peek and tosses a Sun-Rod into the breached passage-way revealing a Goliath-sized cave opening. Alvin remarks that these mountains are said to be close to the area where the final battle of Belziat & the Three Saints occurred.

The parties adrenaline wears off and they realize their fatigue. They decide to mosey back to the Doc.

After a exchange of information, The party finds that the “kobold with the staff” as the Doc puts it, has some sort of regenerative effect upon his allies, and that announces that he will not leave until the party defeats him. The party has their suspicions that the Doc may be holding out on them. After a bit of Gnomish strong-arming, Alvin, elicits more information from Doc regarding the downward staircase and it’s relation to the staff-man’s appearance. Going as far to include a story about deaths of workers down the staircase via incineration.

The Doc also reveals that the key Jamison discovered isn’t "useless’ as Jamison so eloquently states.

The party, exausted, calls it a night and takes an extended rest.

Bonus XP

Alvin – dialogue – 50xp, doing some good skill checks (History/Intimidate/etc.) – 25xp, doing well with double character duty (pretty much doing/saying what Seight would’ve anyway) – 25xp [100xp total]

Aravir – Good-ass Adventure log – 75xp. [75xp total]

Jamison – Maning up and going forward, despite own personal safety/that of the party, and/or generally not being gay – 50xp, Using books as projectile weapons, perhaps suggesting Jamison’s disdain for reading/illiteracy 25xp. [75xp total]

Footus – Being the strong but slightly less silent type – 25xp, Raging, charging, and FSUing as much as possible – 25xp. [50xp total]

Exploring the Cave

The group wakes up and Alvin explains some history to the crew. Jamison is too cool to listen. The group then decides to first check out the downstairs and then the cave.

Seight and Jamison go down first with Aravir following. Jamison notices a small crack in a wall and then a tripwire. He decides to trip the tripwire with a book and soon after they hear a rumble behind the wall and spikes pop up in the hole. Foostis breaks down the rest of the cracked rock to find that the entire passage is blocked by a steel, spiked wall. They decide to give up and head into the cave.

Jamison goes into the cave- it’s a large cave with some natural pillars. In true rambo fashion, he walks up to the pillar and alerts lots of kobolds.

Somehow everything starts acceptably- everyone is in good position when 8 kobolds and 2 stealthy soldiers pop out. Aravir quickly fires off an arrow and misses. Foostis comes out swinging, engaging the soldier and taking out a minion. Jamison is quickly surrounded by kobolds and takes some damage- but not before he lands a massive backhanded hit against the large soldier. He isn’t happy about it and hits him back. Seight gets angry and takes out a minion and uses his ice breath on a good chunk of the enemies. Alvin takes out a minion. Aravir whiffs an arrow. Foostis charges and viciously corner rapes the warrior to death. Falcor blasts the other warrior with light and gets a killing blow; the rest of the group takes care of the other minions. Foostis loots everything and realizes he has some male needs to take care of soon; he considers having sex with some livestock: “Hey, stop havin’ sex with my livesto- nevermind, mister minotaur, keep rapin’ my livestock…”

They continue through the hallway and stumble upon what appears a temple. An abnormally large Kobold is standing amongst lots of minimengs. He introduces himself as the priest of the temple and says to continue further to his master Dryzg we’ll need to defeat him. Jamison decides to chuck a flaming book at the Khan, which must anger him because he claps his hands twice and extinguishes the torches in the room. The group decides to move forward in formation, with Aravir, Jamison, and Seight leading the charge. They get ambushed, with Khan going after Seight. Khan looks down at Seight and says “die.” however, Jamison hears him say “nigger” and Foostis swears that he hears him say “I love cock.” Foostis crit fails on a minion. Aravir takes out a minion, Belial misses a force punch. Seight dragon breaths to take out a minion and swipes at Khan. The low light allows them to move into better position on our temp. Jamison kills some minions and moves in toward Khan. Alvin goes up and smacks Khan with his mace. Next turn Khan hits and wrecks Seight… between him and the minions, he goes down. Next turn, Alvin picks him back up. We slowly pick off the minions despite the haze of smoke- khan laid down smoke bombs. Jamison tries desperately to light the room up, but it takes a few turns while Alvin fights Khan with Seight. The rest of the group stumbles around trying to find the battle. Jamison does some crafty shit to light a few torches. Everyone stumbles around; Aravir nervously toward the smoke. After some more navigating and more bullshit from Khan, they trap him in the corner. Aravir is in favor of trapping him in the corner. Foostis finally lands a killing blow, much to Aravir’s dismay.

They enter into a room with an ornate place setting that, after some checks, is a tribute to the evil dragon god Tiamat. They read the inscription at the base of the dragonborn justice statue that alludes to balance the settings evenly. After two failed attempts, all the party except for Aravir and Jamison are in a dark pit that seems to be laden with traps.

Foostis makes a leap over the majority of the traps, and tanks a few running to the exit. He finds a room with beds and two desks. He finds each desk has a lever. After his experiments with the levers nearly impale the rest of the party who was left behind, Seight says "Fuck this shit and charges through the traps with minimal damage. The pull both levers together, after a brief misunderstanding of the meaning of “Go on 3” and the rest of the party scurries in safely, and promptly decides to PTFO.

Bonus XP

Alvin: Good adventure log – 50xp, Sitting the group down for a history lesson – 50xp, Using corpses to trip the spear traps 25xp, Good character knowledge vs Player knowledge -25xp. [150 XP Total]

Aravir: Good RP – 50xp, Attempting (albeit failing) to solve the puzzle 25xp. [75 XP Total]

Falcor: Good Dialogue – 25xp. [25 XP Total]

Foostus: Dat Leap – 25xp, Funny dialogue -25xp. [50 XP Total]

Jamison: Continuing to be too manly for history/caution – 50xp, Good RP in Kahn fight (lighting torches, not knowing what’s going on)- 50xp, Attempting (albeit failing) to solve the puzzle 25xp. [125 XP Total]

Seight: Good RP – 50xp. [50 XP Total]

The Bleeding Eye
"Ladies, I just made a wise investment!"

The group finally figures out that the two sides of the table are a LITERAL balance and they put seven plates on the side with a chair missing to balance it all out.

The following room is a large temple; there are lots of little kobolds praying. The big black necromancer stabs Gerry and attempts to stab this other guy but Gerry saves his ass. Then the group moves in to attack- they move and attack fairly successfully, taking out minions. But they listen to doc’s advice- the necromancer can raise the dead, so killing minions doesn’t do much good. The minions fall swiftly, but they bunch up and make it hard for the group to get to the necromancer. Also, the necromancer repeatedly gets the blood of the minions boiling and makes them move closer to the allies, swamping them. Everyone comes through in the clutch, with Foostis and Seight just totally fucking minions up. The cycle continues, with lots of rebirth. Jamison wastes a LOT of time on a few unsuccessful cleaves- he claims he’s too sober. Foostis and Seight move in to get at the necromancer. After a few rounds (and a CLUTCH trawl from Belial), the necromancer goes down. Unfortunately, they left Alvin to deal with all the minions- he gets a little freaked out and blows all of his moves killing one single minion.

After the battle, the group finds a man that went by the name of Gustav. He was a member of a group called the Bleeding Eye that claims both groups of recruits were sent by their respective nations to this cavern to die- it’s the classic recruit trap to get them weeded out. He suggests going to Belghast to find more info about the Bleeding Eye. Also, Belial gets a set of robes and Aravir gets a new longsword. Also, the group spends over an hour staring at the big black kobold’s robes, leaving only when the cave begins to collapse. On their way out of the mountains, they notices Ird, the small mountain village the original party from Covost past and the way to the Ironfist Stronghold, was completely massacred.

They go to Belghast; Jamison begins drinking at the Xroads tavern, Foostis goes swimming in the river, Alvin goes to sell his history book, and Belial looks for more information. Belial finds out he’s going to look for a guy named Crazy Jim- everyone ends up together at the bar at which Crazy Jim resides. When they talk to Crazy Jim, they find out he’s been alive since the second age. Seight shows him the picture of the bleeding eye and Jim yells at him to put it away- people have died over that symbol, says those people pissed off the kings.

The barkeep singles out Jamison and asks him to try out his new brew- he says it will raise his spirits. Jamison tries it and LOVES it- he decides to invest because the barkeep says he’ll make it in his name. Jamison sees the prototype and CAN’T resist. The barkeep says that the prototype BOTTOMLESS FLASK will be ready in 3 days. He gets to test it for 2 weeks and then comes back to report on it before he serves it to the customers. He then tries to find a brothel- as he’s walking out, the innkeeper lets him know that all bars are brothels. He does a 180 to come back in when Seight says to him -“Jamison, if I were you I might look into going to a brothel NOT called The Lumberjack.” Jamison nods and asks the bartender, “are you gay?” to which he responds “I ain’t gay.” He asks what his favorite brothel/inn is (The Traveler’s Rest) and thanks him and goes there. When he arrives, he yells out “Ladies, I’ve just made a wise investment! I am the famous Jamison Wallace! I can pay you back twofold in two weeks!”

Foostis and Falcor wander into the sawmill, despite Falcor being HALF PLANT. Foostis is embarrassed and tries to get Falcor out, but he keeps badgering the man to show them around. He does and offers to employ them for the next few days.

Jamison goes to the brothel and finds out he’s too poor for a woman… but tries to badger Aravir to lend him money to get both of them laid. He relents for Jamison, but decides not to.

Belial decides to be cheap and sleep in the woods tonight, while Seight sleeps at The Lumberjack.

No one has seen Alvin all day.


Belial awakens to find himself captured by a man who states he knows too much about The Bleeding Eye, and will either have to pass the trials becoming a member or die.

Foostis and Falcor go to work, but Foostis gets real nervous when Falcor doesn’t come back from his second half of his day at work. Falcor got abducted by Weber still who was still dragging an unconscious Belial back to the hideout.

Jamison wakes up next to a clothed dwarf… and proceeds to freak out.

Aravir walks out of the inn and proceeds to see Jamison tackled out of a window by the female dwarf. he jumps into the river they popped into and tries to swim after them. Seight hears the commotion and also follows. He follows them down the river until he dives down and sees an open slot- he finds Seight and suggests they check it out.

It turns out that all members of the party have been taken into the holding chambers of the Bleeding Eye. They proceed through the trials to check if they can join.

Alvin consoles an old woman to pass the trial of compassion.

Belial tries the trial of hidden knowledge by going against an ethereal judge, but crit fails his knowledge checks.

Falcor narrowly escapes the Tarrasque in the trial of flight.

Belial fails the trial of hidden knowledge a second time.

Jamison managed to carry the world on his shoulders through the trial of atlas.

Aravir sneaks around the trial of discretion and meets with a world leader and gets a lucky diplomacy roll to save the world.

Foostis RUNS (literally, RUNS) through the trial of flight. When he gets out, he turns to Falcor and says “Get on my level!”

Seight attempts the trial of Atlas and stumbles and places the earth miraculously on the pedestal at the end of the trial.

Belial miraculously pulls a ton of knowledge out of his ass and passes the trial of hidden knowledge.

The party is then introduced to the Bleeding Eye’s shit and it’s a cool place.

Zalbaag tells the party of the Bleeding Eye’s history, and the party trains in the hideout for 3 weeks…

Bonus XP

Alvin – Popping everything for 1 minion -25xp, Being the first to find the Bleeding Eye 50xp, Adventure logskis -50xp. [125xp total]

Belial – Finally making it for once -25xp, Good ideas during the puzzle -50xp, FSUing during the boss fight -25xp, Discovering Crazy Jim -50xp [150xp total]

Jamison – Motioning to immediately drink once in town -25xp, Jamison’s patented night of debauchery -100xp, “Oh shit why’s there a dwarf in my bed” -25xp. [150xp total]

Falcor – Demanding a tour of the sawmill -25xp, Being a half-plant working at a sawmill, -priceless, er -75xp. [100xp total]

Foostus – FSUing during the boss fight -25xp, Having a swim in the river -25xp, Sprinting through the trial of flight -25xp. [75xp total]

Seight – Interrogating Crazy Jim -50xp, Saving Jamison from getting a wench at a bar named “The Lumberjack” -50xp. [100xp total]

Begining The Rescue
I think this rescue mission may need a rescue mission

Falcor remains behind for a day to pay off his dues, as work related stress engenders the breaking of several saws.

The party is sent to rescue, Algus, another Bleeding-Eye member from a different branch. He was sold out to Belziat death-cultists, who had been sight near Phira, a small farming village north of the Great Forest.

The group arrives in near their location and finds their path blocked by a flaming wagon. Foostus checks the surrounding wheat-field for any signs of anything relevant to their situation and finds nothing of note.

After some deliberation, the group decides to ask our dragon-born friend to ice breath the wagon so that they may pass through.

After passing the wagon the group is engaged by surprise, by, as Jamison puts it, “wheat-fiends”. Foostus and Alvin are both stuck and slowed by the preemptive strike.

The party’s new foes act swiftly, swarming Sleight while, Foostus and Aravir take successful swings and shots at their new foes.

Sleight finally has his chance to attack, and hacks and hews his way through a few creatures with variable results. All the while having various foes clawing at him.

Belial delivers a force punch that sends two nearby creatures hurtling into the wheatfield.

Jamison, comes through with a cleave, while Alvin calls for Sleight to strike at a nearby fiend.

The creatures bound about, making fools of our heros, and retaliate in force.

Foostus and Aravir’s attacks both go wide while several creatures strike back in retaliation.

Jamison, our effective drunk, delivers a crushing blow after taking a swig from his personal flask and sobers up immediately afterwards. But not before being taking a heavy pummeling, but not only from the creatures…

Foostus’ whirling rend nearly murders an already wounded Jamison, but Belial manages quickly tug him out of the path of impending death.

Belial notices that one of the creatures he threw into the wheatfield has emerged, and delivers unto it a brutal kinetic trawl, pulling it into one of its allies, knocking it to the ground.

Foostus find himself the unlucky focus of several creatures ire, and is nearly slaughtered. Foostus recovers, and attempts to harness his rage, only to discover a new meaning of failure.

Aravir, too close to the creatures for comfort, retreats back to the top of the wagon and delivers a kill-shot.

Sleight nonchalantly delivers a swift killing blow, while Belial Force-Hammers another to near-death.

Alvin, delivers a full-power furious smash to a creature.

Foostus is finally struck down, and even in his defeated state, cannot find purchase with his axe on his way to the ground.

Various party members deliver non-lethal damage while the remaining foes scamper about.

Jamison, still wounded, is soundly taken down by a nearby creature.

After some minor stumbling about, the party clears out their remaining adversaries, and picks up their wounded comrades.

We learn that our foes are actually known as Witherlings. Undead beings ritually bound to their atrophied and gaunt carcasses by the souls of demons. They originate from a ritual affiliated with the deity Yeenoghu

The party briefly ambles about, and moves to enter town.

The town, doesn’t looks great.
most buildings are ensconced in flames
various dead bodies litter the streets
to Jamison’s dismay; there is no tavern.
The only building not on fire- the church.

Aravir checks a body to check for cause of death and finds nothing, save for a horrified expression.

Alvin suggests the party take a change of pace and ambush who – or whatever is in the church.

Belial and Sleight inform the party of a large Witherling standing at the entrance of the church and slink away before they are seen.

Alvin clambers onto of Sleights shoulders to take a look over a building
however, he cant make out much.

before the party can create a solid plan they see and hear an incoming pack of Witherlings.

Alvin turns around and leaps into a bale of hay, while the rest of the party back-peddles and reposition and steel themselves for the impending battle near the towns entrance.

The party holds position, save for Jamison who sees fit to go fondle a dead man’s corpse.

Belial catches a withering away from the pack, and yanks it off of a roof and into the middle of a pack of the party’s waiting weaponry.

Alvin pokes his head out of the hay bale to deliver an inspiring “ayyyyyy!” to Foostus, who delivers a hearty strike to the party’s focused withering.

The Witherling recovers and clambers to the top of a nearby roof, all while getting smacked around by nearby party members before it can escape.
As it reaches the rooftop, Aravir looses a kill-shot into the withering before it can scamper any further away.

The party pulls closer together and receives aural assailment from a displeased withering, damaging party members and breaking their formation.

Several witherlings reveal themselves and set themselves to strike.

Jamison charges up to one, rushes him down and the party decides that it’s time to go on the offensive.

Foostus savagely presses into a nearby withering and knocks it back.

Aravir doubles up his bow, and lets loose with a successful twin strike.

The shrieking witherling lets loose with another scream, knocking a few party members back.

Jamison dodges two attacks and chugs the remainder of his flask to prepare for the coming carnage; allowing the drink to dull his nerves.

Belial pulls Jamison back, and lets loose with an immense kinetic binding on the witherlings.

Foostus takes his tests his whirling frenzy against the reflexes of his foes, and prevails; delivering three separate savage blows.

Alvin, casually meanders out of the hay and his legendary swagger emanates to Foostus and bolsters his resolve.

Aravir teleports to a nearby roof and Splits the Tree on two witherlings.

A withering lets out a blood curdling death shriek, tearing at the souls of party members and downing Jamison. That same aural energy, which appears to be necrotic origin, also appears to heal the nearby witherlings.

Foostus tries to take advantage of Alvin’s inspiration, but his strike can’t find his target.

Alvin renders aid to Jamison, as well as himself. Jamison utilizes his Bracers of Respite and finds his bearings.

Aravir takes out a bloodied withering from his rooftop perch, and trades blows with a passing enemy.

Jamison sobers up and prepares to “do work”.

Belial misses a trawl on the rooftop withering and Foostus smacks a few enemies around, leaving them both bloodied.

Alvin smashes a nearby enemy and grants yet another swagger-bonus to Foostus

Aravir draws his longsword and whiffs on his rooftop foe, who then reciprocates by lashing out twice, leaving him bow-less and bloodied.

Jamison smokes a nearby enemy and sobers up a bit more.

Foostus murders a witherling and Alvin heals Aravir, who takes another stab at the witherling, but misses.

The Witherling leaps away and dodges two passing strikes, but catches a death-blow from a mostly sober Jamison.

Alvin – “I’m using re-active stealth damnit!” -25xp, Good idea with the church (even if it never got put to use) -50xp, cheerleading from a hay bail -25xp. [100xp total]

Aravir – Good Adventure log -75xp, Making a conscious effort to take the highground -25xp. [100xp total]

Belial – Generally FSUing in combat (knocking a the witherling into the wheat, pull them off roofs/into each other) 100xp, Pulling Jamison out of harms way 2 clutch times -75xp. [175xp total]

Foostus – Had some pretty tough luck -50xp. [50xp total]

Jamison – Wielding your alcoholism as a brutal weapon in combat -50xp, truing to caving the roof (albeit, failing) -25xp. [75xp total]

Seight – Being a tank in combat -50xp, being Belial’s wise & loving combat advisor -75xp. [125 xp]

The Party Goes to Church, Bloody Mess Ensues
"Today, Seight learned he can take damage"

After recovering for a moment from the encounter with shrieking witherling & friends, the party proceeds to set up for a frag and clear on the city hall. They execute the plan as laid out by “Coach” Alvin, setting up on all sides of the building, waiting for the sound of a rock Belial threw up to break in. Foostus thinks he hears a similar noise and breaks in early, to find a small hall chocked full of undead and a man about to be killed by a cultist wielding a longsword and wearing a necklace of teeth/fangs. Before they can react, Foostus presses through their ranks to deliver a whirling frenzy aimed at 6 foes. Things begin to go less smoothly as the undead and their master have time to react, cornering Foostus, the cultist delivering a crushing blow with his longsword. Seight then breaks in and decimates the enemy ranks with a triple crit ice breath. Soon everyone has entered the fray, except Jamison, who failed to hear the rock, and took the breaking windows and battle noises as his queue to break in. He takes a swig from his flask then dishes out a mighty blow. The cloaked cultist continues to lay into Foostus, bloodying him with his longsword, and revealing his hideously mutated fangs downs Foostus with a bite. Without too much further delay the undead and their leader are all slain. The party loots and Aravir picks up some +1 leather armor.

Jamison decides to free the bound man, but quickly loses interest in talking with him shortly after the man begins to speak. The party finds out that this man is the town’s mayor, Todd Johnson, and that the cultists moved in set up shop, gleefully, a murdering, burning, pillaging, and zombifying the town about three days ago. He also informs the party that the cultists have taken most of the town’s residents to the church of Erathis on the hill, the cultist’s apparent HQ. Leave a Bleeding Eye symbol (with an arrow for clarity) by the town hall for Falcor to find, and the party barricades themselves in and sleeps for the night.

The next morning Falcor meets up with the party, and they proceed to the church. Up the hill, the party finds itself once again on a path flanked with wheat field, the gate to the church ahead of them Seight and Jamison (?) cautiously comb the wheat for foes, as Aravir stealthily moves up the path, and finds that there is a graveyard in front of the church and two cultists are conversing (or possibly kissing) in front of the church. He quietly asks for advise, and none of his allies hear, and Aravir proceeds to be ballsy.

He fires a shot at each of the flat-footed cultists, exclaiming “SPLIT THE FUCKING TREE.” In the next few moments, Seight and Jamison lost in the wheat hear: “SPLIT THE FUCKING TREE,” the sound of dark energy, Alvin shouts “CALLED IT!”, the sound of swords slashing Aravir, followed by once again Alvin’s “CALLED IT!” All of this prompts them to join the fight. The cultists retaliated quickly one firing a ray of draining necrotic energy, sapping Aravir’s strength, followed by a blast of necrotic energy. At this Alvin yells “Called it!” Next undead spring out from behind tombstones and assault Aravir, and Alvin once again shouts “Called it!” Aravir makes a swift retreat using Fey Step but fails to regain his strength. Foostus moves up and attacks the undead, and Seight wanders out of the wheat a breaths ice decimating the enemy ranks and drawing their aggression. Belial wanders the through the wheat to find himself faces with the gate, and Jamison wanders out of the wheat and drinks to prepare himself.

Seight finds himself the under fire from the cultists and takes significant damage. Alvin backs up to a safe distance and more undead clog the gate. But Foostus moves up and begins to cleave undead and press through their ranks. And the undead fall quickly as the party (minus Aravir, still licking his wounds, and Jamison drinking because he can’t get into possition) unleashes an assault of attacks. Foostus moves up to finish off on of the cultists while Jamison drunkenly charges, jumps over a gravestone, and demolishes the other. The party takes a short breaking the graveyard before moving into the church.

The party finds itself face with four cultists, two resembling the toothed one from earlier, the other two, wielding greatswords and wearing black robes with white skulls painted on the hood. After Jamison briefly tries to parley with them, (“Hey guys, what’re you up to there…”) to no avail. The party’s many melee fighters move up to engage the cultists, Seight unleashing an ice breath, Jamison cleaving, and Foostus swinging with his axes, and Belial leading with a telekinetic anchor. The after many powerful attacks the cultists retaliate, undaunted and unbloodied. Alvin who stayed behind with the ranged fighters, suddenly finds himself assaulted by two cultist, each dual-wielding qatars, though Alvin makes it out relatively not stabbed.

The party continues damage all of the cultists bloodying them one by one, however the cultists return the favor laying into Seight and Foostus bloodying them both. Foostus goes down and misses his belee masic on the way down. Jamison continues drinking. The cultists begin to drop dead, and the party’s keener members notice their souls appear to leave their bodies and fly through a door in the church. Alvin’s Inspiring Word brings Foostus to his feet again, and Seight struggles to stay on his. One of the greatsword wielding cultist drops and is risen by demonic energy into a frenzy after his soul left his body. Foostus fights a cultist one on one an altar. Soon both of the qatar cultists are down and the second greatsword has fallen and risen. Foostus is downed by the biting cultist but attacks him on his way down to take him with him. The two frenzied cultists swing twice each, downing Seight and almost Jamison. After that, the demonic energy leaves them, and follows the souls through the door, and their battered bodies drop to the floor.

The party moves into the room in the back of the church, which appears to be tbe priest’s quarters. They find a bloody, delusional priest hiding under one of the beds. After talking to him the party theorized he ate people to survive. He begins screaming and so Jamison knocks his ass out. The party barricades the room and goes to sleep

*Bonus XP *

Alvin – Planing the frag and clear on the town hall -75xp, “Called it!” -50xp, Doing the talking with both captives -50xp. [175xp total]

Aravir – Being stealthy -50xp, Being ballsy/“Split the tree!” -125xp. [175xp total]

Falcor – Showing and playing someone else’s char -50xp. [50xp total] (Will be added to Greg)

Foostus – FSUing and being a bit early to the party -75xp, Getting downed on three separate occasions -50xp, Taking a cultist with as you go down (Finally hitting with that belee masic) -75xp. [200xp total]

Jamison – Spending most of the churchyard fight drinking 50xp, Crazy charge at the end -50xp, Showing the cultists your drunken wrath 50xp. [150xp total]

Seight – A triple crit ice breath should be a reward in and of itself 50xp, Good use of dragon breath flask 50xp, In the third fight, single-handedly tanking enough damage to down the entire rest of the party 75xp. [175 xp total]

The Horror of the Catacombs

The party wakes up about as refreshed as one can be, considering the circumstances. Along with the somewhat-aware priest whom Jamison knocked-out the night before.

Alvin unties the priest and removes his gag to engage in some conversation. The head priest, as we learn, explains that the cultists moved into town four days ago and slaughtered without fear of retribution.
Within the church, all of the holier- members of the church were brought down to the crypt and heard from again.

The crypt-keeper may have conducted rituals, but they were dismissed as no more than cantrips at best, as he had no magical prowess whatsoever.

The party leaves the room and makes way for the catacombs.

Aravir picks the lock, and quickly scrambles behind more sturdy companions.
In the room the party sees a decent with three ladders leading down.

After some creeping around the party lights a torch and rummages through the bodies in the crypt. Alvin removes a longsword from a body and throws it across his back.

Jamison tosses a sun-rod down into a room and sees nothing.
After moseying around in the darkness the two groups end up running into each other, sans Alvin. Aravir stumbles around a corner in a botched stealth attempt and is promptly greeted by an angry,screaming withering.

The encounter begins with a whiffed arrow, and the initiation of a “good-ol’ fashioned kinetic trawl gang-rape”. Shortly after, the Witherling rolls away and finds the time to scream again and is promptly reinforced by two skeletons. As well as several members of the undead shambling in from behind the party, all too eager join in the rapidly growing melee to assail our heroes.

After some tribulation, including but not limited to, Alvin being groped by persistent zombies, Foostus, nearly biting the dust,while cleaning up minions. the party disposes of their undead guests.

After some looting of various goods including longswords, gems, and chainmail.
the party finds an immense metal door, complete with blood seeping out from below. The party decides that not to delay the inevitable, forms up and presses on.

Upon the alter, is a pile of mangled bodies, complete with a vortex of souls and cultists chanting atop,
As the party enters, the head cultist plunges his sword into himself. the swirling souls react as the cultists disperse into black thread-like energy. Souls and blackness alike merge with the pile of mangled corpses. With the black threads “sewing” the mass together, the party is faced with a titanic flesh golem abomination.

The abomination charges through the party, tossing aside party members like rag-dolls, then stopping and smacking any heroes unfortunate to still be within the reach of its axes. Afterwhich, the threads of darkness appear to suture the monster’s wounds.

Aravir, after teleporting away, looses two solid arrows into the unholy behemoth.

Foostus comes through in a clutch, charging in and absolutely obliterating with two critical strikes.

Jamison, drunk as ever, brutally strikes the fleshy mass, his inebriation compounds his attack, leaving the horrifying mass bloodied, or rather, more bloody than before.

Falcor proves his worth for once, summoning a wall of light to assist his allies, and burning some of the necrotic black threading away from the patchwork horror.

Alvin, strikes with bastion of defense, boosting his allies resolve, however the strike itself opens a grevious wound in the monster, which unleashes a torrent of acidic blood upon nearby heroes and creates some unfriendly terrain for the party.

The abomination, answers with a war-stomp, knocking three party members off their feet.
To add insult in injury, the flesh golem brandishes an immense axe and brings it down on Foostus, and again, whirls through nearby party members.

Belial kinetically slides a downed Foostus away from further harm and various acidic bodily fluids.

Jamison connects with a mighty spinning sweep, knocking the fleshy mass prone, complete with a splash of acid on nearby allies.

Alvin scrambles to heal his nearby downed allies, with the inspiring word of “glory”.

The abomination stands up and takes two swings and downs sleight, nearly outright killing him.
Same treatment is given to Alvin, however, only one connects

The patchwork of mangled bodies finally collapses, leaving Foostus with two +1 battle axes.

the party licks their wounds, then turns and moves to the next room.

The party opens the door and stumbles upon a room full of cultists, without missing a beat, Jamison asks Aravir to “close that damn door” he obliges. The party lines sets up a bottleneck for the cultists and set up to strike.

The cultists open the door and greet Foostus with various necrotic energies.

The party lets the cultists come to them, slamming and pelting them as they move through the door, downing them one-by-one.

The plan works out pretty well for once, and the party clears out the final cultist.

The group finds Bracers of the Perfect Shot, given to Aravir, 1+ Armor for Alvin, and various arcana checks later the group gives it a rest, Aravir locks an oddly cold door with a crude lock he finds, under a rug and the rest of the party barricades the door behind them. Finally, the party takes a well-deserved rest.

Bonus XP

Alvin- Talking to the head priest 75xp, Ending up all alone in the crypt fight -25xp, Being a part of the “loot way more shit” initiative -25xp. [125xp total]

Aravir – Good adventure log -100xp, Drawing the abomination fight -50xp, Being a part of the “loot way more shit” initiative -25xp. [175xp total]

Belial – Initiating a few “Kinetic Trawl and Gang-rape” plans -75xp, Being a part of the “loot way more shit” initiative -25xp. [100xp total]

Foostus – Demolishing the boss with a double crit -75xp,Being a part of the “loot way more shit” initiative -25xp. [100xp total]

Jamison – The old good cop, dumb cop routine -50xp, Showing the abomination the crushing weight of alcoholism (5 swig attack) -75xp, “Close that damn door” -50xp, Being a part of the “loot way more shit” initiative -25xp. [200xp total]

Seight – Starting the “fireman slide down the ladder” trend -25xp, Suggesting desecrating the entire tomb (despite going unheard) -75xp, Being a part of the “loot way more shit” initiative -25xp. [125xp total]

Falcor falls, the Era of ALE Begins
"I'm just going to put a fucking arrow in his head!"

Alvin is awoken to by Aravir to the sound of a big pounding. The priest they met from before warns them of the cultist leader- he says he commands his minions with little regard for their well-being. He also offers a sack of gold that a very sleepy Alvin takes for himself. He then introduces them to a priest that ended up in their town- he goes by the name of Greg. Todd Johnson, the portly baldman mayor, needs a guide- they send Falcor with him after much speculation about his sexuality.

Aravir tries to figure out what’s on the other side of the door- he can tell there’s a very cold draft and some very in-tune cultists on the other side. Belial tosses a sun rod into the all-black room and it is consumes in the tangible, opaque absence of light. Jamison backs off, but Foostus and Seight step up to go in first. Alvin takes a swig from one of Jamison’s random bottles of liquor and swears that it’s the Belziat blood from the goblets. He is awake.

They proceed, as a train, into the group, they realize they can neither hear nor see much of anything. 5 more feet and they can no longer feel anything. Greg uses his telepathy to convince Jamison to keep moving. Aravir decides he needs to blow out one of the candles- they can suddenly feel and hear again. Foostus turns around and convinces Jamison to turn around and extinguish the other candle. When he extinguishes the flame he sees four greatsword bros and their leader- a large priestlike bro with lots of spines and bones all over his staff and robes. Aravir busts his load on him and finds out that the souls around him are like a power shield that absorb attacks and give him powers. When it’s his turn, he absorbs the soul of one of his minions, killing the minion and getting a soul shield thing. He then tosses that at the party, messes up a good chunk of the party. Greg heals up Foostus (who got hit hard) and fails his first real attack. Alvin spends his time licking his wounds. The minions whack at Aravir- Foostus yells at him to “get on [his] level.” The baddies keep converging on the Seight and pummel him for a startling amount of damage- but he’s alright. Foostus has some bad luck but manages to get around alright.

Big Bad Bossman moves in to attack Jamison, but doesn’t hurt too much. They continue to attack big bossman and protect the party in the process- Alvin’s failed bastion, an emergency shove from belial, etc. Aravir pops in some nice arrows. Seight hits a few of the adds (including a crit), Belial missed a kinetic trawl, and Foostus struggles to kill a minion (leaving pretty much everyone bloodied). He then sucks in the soul of the blue dude and wrecking Jamison and Alvin. Aravir tries to take out one of the henchmen to little avail, but Foostus eventually through to take out both henchmen with a double crit. Greg manages to debuff the shit out of mr. bossman, but he turns around and wrecks Jamison. Alvin gets back and him for it and helps Jamison back up. The minions essplode, popping Foostus but missing Seight.

With all the minions down, it’s a full-court press on Mr. Bossman. However, before the blast, Greg orgy heals nearly everyone in the party to full health. Afterward, the melee fighters get wrecked by a soul cannon. Afterward he tries to retreat but a downed Jamison manages to keep him in place and smack him a bit. Belial ends up taking him out with a force hammer. Everyone gets some gold and Alvin gets a new helm.

After they take care of business and report back to the Bleeding Eye, Zaalbag tells themes they’re now wanted fugitives. He also asks why Greg was admitted into the Bleeding Eye stronghold; Greg then decides to try to enter the Bleeding Eye by passing one of the five trials. He chooses the trial of flight. He fails miserably, getting eaten on the second platform. He then uses his second chance by doing the trial of hidden knowledge and bullshitting the judge.

After his initiation, the newly made group is christened AGGRESSIVE LOOTING ENTERPRISES.

Later, a MASSIVE argument ensues as to how to get rid of Falcor, at night in the dorm at the Bleeding Eye.

ALE’s next mission is to go to the city of Rhinefast, near the border of Myren, to investigate what the Eye believes to be the source of some secret business that the king do not want anyone to know about.

Before they leave, Alvin convinces Falcor to go out into the woods to look for some lumberjacks. When they get into a secluded area in the woods, Alvin attempts to climb into a tree and attack Falcor- but crit fails. In the ensuing duel, Falcor kites Alvin and ends up incapacitating him.

Falcor brings the half-dead Alvin back to the group and tells them he thinks they have a traitor. Jamison goes to the bleeding eye leader, Zaalbag, to try to convince him that Falcor is a traitor. However, he fails a bluff check and end up sitting around “porning out” with Zaalbag to make up for the lie.

The rest of the group goes out to the outskirts of the woods. Aravir convinces Falcor to take a rest. He motions to the guys to jump Falcor, but Falcor hear them and the fight ensues.

Aravir, out for blood, immediately does all he can muster and deals something like 40some damage to him after busting his action point. Just for revenge, Seight attempts to take out a limb… but crits it and destroys the body. Luckily, his head is still intact.

Mora, the crafting bleeding eye dwarf, comes through and knocks out Zaalbag. She tells Jamison he’s free to go, but he opts to continue to porn out.

They all come back, bloody and worn out, to see a hammered Jamison reading porn in his boss’ office with his incapacitated boss.

Everyone rests up to head out on their mission the next day.

Bonus XP

Everyone gets 50xp for finally coming up with an Adventuring company name

Alvin – Adventure log -75xp, Being a bit slow to wake up -50xp, Failed, though well thought-out, “I’ll just jump out of a fucking tree alone and bash that asshole in the face,” assassination plot -50xp. [225xp total]

Aravir – Realizing to blow out the candles -50xp, Being very direct in the “How are we guuna off Falcor,” debate to avoid wasting time -25xp, Nearly single-handedly resolving the gone wrong Falcor situation, in about the last 5 minutes of a stupid, hour and half ordeal -125xp. [250xp total]

Foostus – Double crit, double kill -25xp, “I wanna get my hands on a copy of horny minotaurs…” -75xp. [150xp total]

Greg – Being telepathically helpful -25xp, Struggle busing the trial of flight -50xp, Passing the trial of hidden knowledge -50xp, Being very in character when Greg slept in on the day of Falcor’s murder -25xp. [200xp total]

Jamison – Immediately moving to confirm Greg ain’t gay -25xp, Not giving a shit about the tied up guy you’re supposed to save -50xp, Nothing builds a good relationship with your boss like drinking and looking at porn together -50xp, Nothing says commitment like continuing to drink and look at porn after your boss is knocked out -75xp. [250xp total]

Seight – Having the party form a train -50xp, Generally being a voice of reason in the “How are we gunna off Falcor,” debate -25xp, Nearly blowing an hour and a half of work by popping a daily on an already barely intact corpse -50xp. [175xp total]


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