The 3 Saints

The alliance of the original 3 Saints, who defeated the The Commune in War of Ideals. They and their descendants became known as the 3 Kings afterwards.

Each is a tremendously powerful individual because of their control over the third of the Belziat’s body passed down by their ancestors, the 3 Saints. Over the years the 3 pieces have morphed into 3 different creatures of their own known as the Three Beasts, each an embodiment of the King who controls it and of that King’s nation.

The current generation’s King’s are: Greyon Swiftwind, of Agreia, oldest of the three. Next is Miria Skyfall, Queen of Grond, the only female currently amongst The 3 Kings. Finally there is Piro Sangfroid, King of Myren, was one of the youngest members of the 3 Kings taking the throne at age 15, he is now 25.

The ever since the original 3 Saints defeated Belziat, the three of them and their descendants have enjoy a close friendly relationship with each. This friendly relationship between Crynov’s three strongest people is what many believe has lead The Age of Kings to be so peaceful thus far. What could have been major disputes between The Three Great Nations have resolved by a simple , friendly peace talk between kings. People are skeptical of this now, with the growing military tension between nations going far past any previous point, without any diplomatic relations between The Kings.

The 3 Saints

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