The Bleeding Eye

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The Bleeding Eye was formed after the surrender of The Commune to the Kings. It would be a secret organization of powerful warriors, that would be allowed to move about Crynov freely, and keep a vigilant eye on the Kings, making sure that they continue to protect and serve their people and not personal interest. If one of the Saints should fail in his duty, The Bleeding Eye is to step in and defeat him, and run his portion of Crynov as the Utopian Commune would until a better solution presents itself. In the dire situation of more than one King abusing his power, or worse, the Kings conspiring together in some abuse of power, The Bleeding Eye’s final recourse is to sail to Shin Sekai, enabling the Commune’s return, and inform those in The Commune’s kingdom and enlist The Commune’s help in pacifying the Kings. This is the Eye’s final resort as it re-invites the terrible civil war that enveloped Crynov during The Second Age.

The party became a part of the Covost-Minor division of the modern day Bleeding Eye. The small organization is a tight knit family that uncovered a dire plot being hatched by the 3 Kings.

Common Knowledge to Bleeding Eye members (all of you):
These customs are passed down only verbally and are written down nowhere. This is to try and ensure only true Bleed Eye members recognize them.

The phrase: “It has been a long watch, and my eyes are weary”
Is used to check if someone unknown belongs to the Bleeding Eye. If so they will answer:
“Best let them rest, lest they want blood like those you watch for.”

A Bleeding Eye member’s death is referred to as his long watch having ended.
-“Harlod passed in the night raid.”
~“Aye, I heard his long watch had ended.”

The Bleeding Eye

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