The True End of the 2nd Age

As told to the party by Zalbaag…

The Age of Ideas is not, in truth, wholly named for the influx of ideas that it brought about, but also for the fact that a mighty clash of ideas brought its end. Unlike it is written in today’s history, it was not unanimously agreed that the 3 Saints should rule as the central for of government for Crynov.

There was a very large and intelligent following, which thought that vesting that much power in just 3 individuals was a dangerous thing for the country as a whole. This idea gave rise to the group known as the Utopian Commune, or usually just The Commune. They believed that the Age of Ideas thus far that peace could be maintained without central leadership, through a constant societal progress, as the entire Second Age had been up to that point. They thought to make every creature perfectly equal if they sought progress for society, and that any national decision should be made democratically.

The 3 Saints felt this plan left the country too weak in case of an attack from any of the countries of the Far Realms. They also had doubts that such rapid progress as the age had shown thus far could continue.

The 2 factions garnered relatively equal followings, and the argument finally broke out into the Civil War of Ideals. Though Rimuto, the leader of The Commune, was a brilliant strategist and had an amazingly zealous resolve that infected his followers, his forces were simply no match for the power of the 3 Saints and their 3 Beasts. Victories followed wherever the Saints went, impeded only by the few occasions Rimuto, a tremendously powerful warrior himself, appeared to fight them head-on. Though he could match one Beast, as his forces became increasingly cornered, he realized he’d soon have to fight the nearly unstoppable combined power of all 3 Beasts.

The incredibly zealous, diehard Rimuto then surprised everyone by surrendering to the Saints. The three Saints, realized that his offer of surrender saved much bloodshed, and offered relatively generous surrender conditions. Firstly, Rimuto and his followers still zealous enough to follow him and his ideals after his defeat would be exiled to the mysterious island of Shin Sekai, and allowed to rule it as their own, though return to Crynov would be made impossible to them once they arrived at Shin Sekai. Finally to assuage The Commune’s fear of the Saints abusing their power, The Bleeding Eye, an organization above the Saints power, was formed.

The True End of the 2nd Age

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